Technology takes a leap almost each day in this era. Gadgets and gizmos are progressing so rapidly that an illusion today becomes a reality tomorrow.

All this pace of technology has inspired me to make a collection of Computers of the Future. You will see the concepts for making laptops and computers of the future. Making such a design requires an immense amount of imagination and guts. Without a doubt, the artists who created these conceptual designs deserve a standing applause.

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All of these titles are linked back to the original sources. To find more details or pictures of any of these models, just click the title.

Computer on Your Wrist

Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility make the concept plausible.

concept design

Concept Laptop Designing

Ultra Portable Macbook

Mactab is the complement to MacBook. The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. It stays in place with a combination of magnets and notches. On the back of the computer, a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can use Mactab comfortably on your desk.

Futuristic Laptop Design

Moonlight Laptop Concept

A concept design by a Deviant Art Artist, TerrainFreaker. Moonlight Laptop Concept with Dual Curved Screens.  Moonlight laptop is just a concept for now, but it is possible to make it today since all the technologies already exist.

Conceptual Laptop Design

Computer Within a Table Lamp

Here’s a cool concept design by Prisma. From the image we can see that there is a CD-rom slot on the top of the lamp. There are integrated ports such as an USB port in the second picture as well.

Future computer design

Future of PC

Window To The World

Although it hasn’t been named yet, I will drink the potion and call it “The Looking Glass.”

The idea is simple, by incorporating a camera/scanner, GPS and internet connectivity, the world is literally at your finger tips. Just frame anything you desire behind the glass window, from a building, to a car or a piece of art and the image will be analyzed and searched on any number of sites like Wikipedia, Google or Google Earth.

Concept Designs

Cpl-Doubletap Swipe Laptop

Another design by another Deviant Art artist. Concept design for a Laptop which uses holograms.

Conceptualisation Laptop

A Laptop or A Phone

This is one of my favorite designs of this post. It has a size of a mobile phone, but actually it is  a laptop. I would love to buy one.

Laptop like a mobile phone


Compenion is a very very sleek laptop design. It is expected that we will have these kinds of laptops in the market by 2015. Smart and stylish design would dominate the market whenever it will be launched.

Laptop Concept Idea

Futuristic Laptop Design


Descom is literally a desktop PC. It is basically a desk that has a embossed space for this laptop. Nice and simple idea. I’m not sure why we don’t see such comp tables in the market.

Concept Idea

Conceptual Designing


Cario is a laptop design to keep on working even in your car (not while driving, alright!). I personally like that idea a lot. I think the creator has taken some inspiration from the graphics used in the movie Minority Report.

Idea for making a car laptop

Curved iMac iView

Great curved design for iMac. But sadly, I don’t think it will be a market success if launched, that is due to the lack of portability feature. But still, it looks gorgeous.

Concept Design

Cuppa – Social Laptop

Quite a unique kind of a mini-laptop. Basic aim is to provide social media connectivity without having to carry a full laptop. According to me, this basically is a middle-ground between Laptops and Mobile Phones.

Futuristic Imagination Laptop

Laptop/Desktop Hybrid

Imagination has no boundaries. If you don’t believe it, take a look at this example. To view more pictures of this immaculate design, just click the title of this PC, above.

Future Ideas

Imaginative design

Rolltop Computer

Rolltop Computer, is a portable stylized computing device that can act as a laptop, tablet, eReader or even a TV. It reminds one of a roll able aerobic mat with a strap that you can be carry around.

Folding Computer Concept

Minimalist Computers

Concepts of the Future Technology

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