These games focus on two things. They enhance productivity, through enhancing creativity and focused thinking. These games will also furnish you with some inspiration for designing such games.

Some designers think that designing a game is not a very hard thing. Usually, what happens is that designers believe they can design games, but then they come to know that they don’t play such games, hence they get stuck. Especially, if you are a newbie, it is more devastating thing. It is necessary to have an idea of playing a game and its rules, where a designer can improve their skills. Moreover, you should well aware of all kinds of games platforms.

Following are few must play games for designers, where they can improve their skills of designing more efficiently.

Free Games for Designers

Designer Playing Video Game

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Scrabble is very interesting on-board game nowadays. Those designers who are very bored with chess or Garry Kasparov, this word game is just perfect for them. Moreover, its deluxe edition adds many features like spinning and holding letters simultaneously.

Dungeon World:

Dungeon world is very interesting role playing game, designed by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel. The fantasy game is based on old school Dungeons and Dragons strategies. Dungeon world uses six characteristics scores like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, Wisdom, and Charisma.

Settlers of Catan:

It is based on designing city infrastructure by adding roads and other resources. It is another attractive designer game, which includes a random layout board, which provide a unique style and look. It is a great way of improving luck and skills. Another good point of this game is that many expansions can be downloaded.

Puerto Rico:

It is another role-playing game, where a gamer needs to complete different levels of plantations simultaneously. You can select a role like captain, builder etc. to achieve points you have to complete the building infrastructure and ship accessories.


It is a simple chess game mostly designers look for. Even 8 years old children can play it. It also adds back gammon, with a relatively good board dimensions.


It is most perfect designed battle game, which includes figures, rules, and dimensions for a gamer. It begins with the formation of your own battlefield. And, after spending some time you can improve your skills easily.

Premium Games for Designers

Rubix Cube with Angry Birds

Design by Nsponge200.


Fiasco is one good movie inspired designed game, which is a copy of Fiasco Aftermath table and Fiasco tilt. One great thing of this game is that 5 players can play at a time. If you love hours of playing, it is a best choice.

Time’s Up:

This game is release of R& R games, a celebrity titled game.Ten players of over 12 ages can play easily. The name implies that it is not an easy game to start, and you have to compete in 3 rounds for adding skill points.

I’m the Boss:

I’m the Boss is the name of wheel and deal game. It is little different with other games, which really tests your mind with serious moves on the board.


It is one of the most famous games designed by Carl Chudy, which bases on stack of cards with Rome glory. It is a versatile game, which holds several features and multiple ways to enhance the playing strategies.


It is a good idea to search top games and analyze which kind of games suit you best. Play according to your interest, and play not only for pleasure but for learning and inspiration as well.

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