Finding good gifts is a tricky and complicated chore for all of us, especially when we plan to buy it for designer friends who are always busy with their stuff and hardly give an idea of what they like.

The options are limitless with so ny unruffled items that are used for both work and play.

This post will not only help you come up with useful and interesting gift ideas for web designers and creatives but also assist you with how to choose the best gift for your friends and family.

Quick Tips for Selecting Gifts

Following are the quick points for what to think while choosing a gift:

  • A great gift should be one that is both practical and fun.
  • Try to stick to the interests of the person you are buying a gift for.
  • Keep in mind the reason for the gift. Different occasions hold different description of a gift. For instance a birthday gift can be more decorative and expensive, anniversary gift should be more sentimental and it needn’t be specifically expensive and a holiday gift should be small and inexpensive.
  • Be thoughtful and creative.
  • A gift should be functional and fun product which helps making life more enjoyable and easy.
  • A great gift should be inspirational for that person.
  • Think about a gift that can help solve daily frustrations.
  • If you decide to buy more than one gift, keep in mind that all items hold separate specifications and uses.
  • Buying a gift for designer friend does not have to include complexity. It could be simple and innovative.

Gift Ideas

Typodarium 2014

Price: $65

Typodarium 2014 is a calendar that includes a display case of 365 different fonts. It is a perfect choice for typography fans. It has two editions so far, 2013 edition includes a red and silver finishing while 2014 version contains a rich blue with amazing fonts.

Typodarium is a gift for designers

The Nifty MiniDrive

Price: $49

The Nifty MiniDrive is an extra storage device for your Apple MacBook used via SD card slot. Unlike USB drives it does not stick out of the side of your MacBook. It is secure and non-interfering with data storage capacity of 64GB. Nifty MiniDrive is best for latest models of MacBook with solid-state drives that usually possess insufficient space for digital creative.

The Nifty MniDrive

Custom SLR C-Loop Strap Mount

Price: $40

There is also a discount code: S14RIGHT. Using this code you can get $10 waived off.
C-Loop Strap Mount by Custom SLR is a brilliant gift for a professional photographer or a person who takes photography as hobby. It allows the photographer to mount his strap to the bottom of camera instead of the top. As a result it excludes the problem of strap getting in the way of shots while rotating the camera. In other words it makes it easier and convenient for the photographer to use a camera while setting the mode from portrait to landscape.

Custom SLR-C Loop


Price: $41

IBell is a substitute of traditional alarm clock for your iPhone. It is best for the person who finds it hard to wake up on Monday morning with an alarm app. It comes with a metal ring that reminds you of classic alarm clock. The one without cradle (left) comes in five amazing colors while the one with cradle (right) comes in white and black and also acts as a charger. With cradle version will add an amount of $13.

iBell iPhone Bell Alarm Clock

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

Price: $59.99

Logitech is a solar-powered keyboard designed for computer geeks. It is Bluetooth-enabled and with an ability to work for three months from a full charge. It has the tendency to connect impeccably with all Apple devices and desktop.

Solar Keyboard
Solargorilla & Powergorilla Combo Kit

Price: $430

Solar gorilla laptop kit is very useful for those who travel a lot. It gives the laptop an extra power for five hours and can be put anywhere in sunlight, even attached to backpack. It can also be used for smaller devices.

Solargorilla Combo Kit

Letter Trays

Price: $13

Maple letter tray is a Danish designed document tray made with European Maplewood. It can be a life-saving gift for those who distract from their original work due to disorganized paperwork.  It is adorably minimal and perfect for a modern design studio. There are also some extra products in the same line.

Letter Trays

Doxie Scanner

Price: $99

Doxie is a paper and photo scanner designed to work without a computer. It comes with a 2GB SD memory card. It scans and creates searchable PDFs. It also works with iPad. It is handy and convenient when it comes to scan something.

Doxie Mobile Scanner

Aeropess Coffee and Espresso Maker

Price: $25.99

Coffee drinking is as common for designers as breathing, aeropess coffee maker makes a great cup of coffee. It uses perfect water temperature and gentle air pressure to produce coffee and espresso with rich flavor. It lowers the acidity without bitterness. Aeropess has the ability to make 1 to 4 cups of coffee at a time. It takes just 1 minute to make a single cup of coffee or espresso.



Price: $259

Mutewatch is just like any other LED watch with an exception of motion and touch sensor. If you flick your wrist or tap the face of watch, you will see time while swiping left to right will take you through menu. Mutewatch is powered by rechargeable battery, which can be charged via a USB cable attached into the watch strap.



Price: $40

U-Board is most suitable gift for those who spend the whole day sitting in front of their computers. It is a glass monitor enabled to withstand 15kg. It also includes a smartphone and drink holder which you can remove if you want. On one of the stands, there are three USB ports. It comes in black and white color. It is a perfect gift to help organize workspace and improve productivity.


Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus

Price: $25

Cosmonaut wide-grip stylus is tablet-friendly and feels a lot like solid marker. It is best for those web designers who likes to draft designs on tablet. It offers a comfortable grip with excellent tip that is both responsive and robust.

Cosmonaut Stylus

These gifts are perfect for designers, artists, web developers, online marketers, photographers, illustrators, bloggers or simply someone crazy about well-designed products. So pick the best gift item, remembering the quick tips for what to think while choosing a gift.

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