In today’s world of expanding business opportunities, it is very hard for a business to survive without a website. Internet is a vast medium that can cater to people from every walk of life and to make your business visibility stronger on the internet, having a website is inevitable.

When it comes to marketing there is nothing more cost effective than having a website. The benefits of a website are not one dimensional, the ways it can help a business is endless and everyone can benefit from it.

There are millions of web designers making thousands of websites every day. These websites aim towards all kinds of purposes imaginable, such as:

  • business
  • e-commerce
  • informative
  • personal

However, only a small number of these websites success from the crowd of millions. You may be wondering as why is it so? Basically, there are some key factors involved in the success of a website. These are negative as well as positive factors that affect the performance of your website and mark its success graph. I have carved this post to highlight these good as well as bad factors that affect the performance and success of a website in the following:

The Good Factors

good factors that affect your website

Although every individual has a different visual taste, there are several universal principles that embody the success of a website and affect its traffic. Although theses good factors are many in number, I have distilled some of the most important of these down into a simple list of critical success elements.

Quality of the Content

Content is the soul of your website and the factor of uttermost significance in your website’s success. Technically speaking, people visit your site to view the content, so providing worthwhile content is one of the most basic things web designers need to take care of.

The content can range from the written information, images, videos or audio data. Quality of a website’s content not only plays a vital role in converting visitors into good results, but also directly and positively impacts your SEO rankings. So no matter if you are designing your own website or making one for your client, pay much heed to the quality of the content in order to make it successful.

Good Usability and Navigation

Usability is another important aspect that puts positive impact on the success of the website. It happens that many websites on the Internet fail because the web owners is either unable to figure out how to use the site or do not bother to work out the innovative navigation that might be helpful for the users.

In order to determine whether the usability and navigation of your website is good enough or not, conduct some research and run some simple tests with a small number of people from your target demographic. Just ask them to perform some basic tasks on your web site. The results will be very helpful for you and may vastly improve the overall usability of your website.

Greater Access

Nowadays, there are many devices with which you can access the Internet from. The great number of connections, browsers and devices could be represented by:

  • corporate connections
  • mobile broadband
  • blackberries
  • iPhones
  • speech browsers
  • old browsers through to old fashioned dial-up

It is important to realize that greater accessibility of your website determines its success. Your site should be accessible on any platform that people are likely to access the Internet from. The key concept here is graceful that no matter how simple or complicated the Internet access device is, your website should be compatible to all and should show itself with no troubles at all on the device.

An Attractive Design

This is a universal fact that the thing which looks appealing to eyes gets more points. Similar is the case of your website. Along with different aspects of website content and functionality, its appearance and design matters as well.

Many web designers become obsessed with attractive web design, either because it is fun or because it is an easy sell. Whichever the case is, it is important that the website you are designing should look great.

The point to remember is that if you are able to identify your target demographic and implement a design that they find appealing, you can hit the success graph real well.

Astute Strategy

A clever and market-oriented strategy is essential in order to gain a good return on the money invested in developing your website. Make sure that you know the reason you have a site and what kind of business outcomes you are expecting before spending any money on the web development.

Simply having a website is not good enough when it comes to getting success. You need to actively building traffic which can only be attained by promoting your site. There are several ways of doing this:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
  • traditional offline methods such as brochures, flyers, post cards or radio

No matter what the medium is, the important thing is that you have a strategy and execute it.

Retaining User’s Interest

Websites are made for visitors. Although there are some sites which do not aim at regular visits, such as certain business websites (that are made to facilitate the business promotion only). However, most websites require regular visits in order to turn them into monetary results.

If you make your website ideal for repeating visits of the user among the crowd of all other websites, it will be termed as an important success factor. Most people surfing the net visit so many websites per day that they simply cannot recollect all of them and that’s where you lose this factor. To overcome this, your site needs to offer a compelling value proposition for people to revisit it and make it successful.

Regular Updating

It can be a blog, an informative website, a business website or a personal one, regular updates are very important in all cases and act as a judgmental factor that positively affects the performance of the website. With the continuing trend towards social media and social networking, your customers expect to see fresh and up-to-date information. A well maintained and successful website is all about keeping the web pages fresh and current.

The Bad Factors

evil factors that affect a website

The bad factors basically revolve around the almost the same elements as the good factors, however, they will be the striking opposite to the good ones. The bad factors contribute to the ill progress of a website that ultimately results in a complete failure.  Your website won’t convert visitors into buyers if it contains the following factors in it.

Slow Loading

The most common failure factor users see in a web is when it does not load quickly and makes them wait. Today web users are on a fast pace and do not really like waiting, not even for a minute!

Slow loading mainly occurs when you have heavy web pages or web pages with heavy content (pictures, videos or too many of both on one page). Ideally, a web page should load within a few seconds with a usual speed of your Internet connection. Many sites have a flash introduction and the visitors are bound to wait for it to load before it is actually displayed. This can lead to visitor’s frustration that will result in loss of traffic.

Note: Rather than including the full CSS or Javascript within your page code, place it in an external file. This practice is good as it speeds up load time and keeps your code neat and clean.

Inappropriate Screen Resolution

Screen resolution can be yet another destructive factor for your web’s image. Different Internet users have different computer screens and different computer screens have different resolutions.

The average width of the computer screen is about 1000 pixels, so it is advised that you set your web’s resolution between 900-1000 pixels. 800 pixels would be too small and 1200 pixels will be too large for an average computer screen.

HTML code Invalidity

An invalid HTML code can be pretty disastrous for your web. Basically, the HTML code errors prevent your pages from rendering correctly on all browsers and slow down the indexing of your web pages by the search engines. This causes trouble to the web user and he tends to decline from your web.

Note: To remove this error, use Google ‘html Validator’ to find the website that will validate your pages then repair the code errors.

The Wrap Up

There are many enthusiastic people who start a web for business purposes. They initiate the project with great zeal, however, with the passage of time, this passion vanishes and the web starts under-performing. This is mainly due to the lack for the mentioned ‘good factors’ and inclusion of ‘bad factors’ in your web.

Take these factors as a ‘web gauge’ and analyze your web after reading this post. If you find two or more than two factors in your website, then take it as a red alert and make suitable actions to improve your web at the earliest.

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