Google Chrome has become the highest used browser in the world. Over 42% of the people in the world use Google Chrome. Since there’s a big chance that you are reading this post with the help this very browser, we present Google Chrome themes.

Themes for Google Chrome enable you to stylize your browser. They can change the way your browser looks. It won’t be boring anymore. The plain pale blue can be boring but once a theme is installed, it won’t be boring.

This is a collection of more than 50 Google Chrome themes. This is a mixed collection and you will find themes for men, women, kids and hobby wise as well, such as car and automobile lovers, food junkies, movie buffs and so on.

Google Chrome Themes

To use any of the theme, just click the title.

Animal Chrome Themes

Baby panda

They say, be like the panda: They are black, white and Asian!

animal chrome themes

Orange eyed owl

Those deadly eyes!

birds themes chrome

Wolf Kurt

Moon Moon, what are you doing here.

dangerous animals themes collection

the Lion

The king is here. That’s the animal men should set their Chrome skins.

wild animals theme for chrome browser

Cute Kitten


cute kitten browser theme

Yulia Brodskaya

This is the Google chrome theme I used for years.

creative browser theme collection

Nature Google Chrome Themes


Summer, not my favorite season but this is my favorite theme for Google Chrome.

summer theme collection

Green Horizon

What a place to live!

green themes of google chrome


Leaves are the symbol of life, yet we keep on cutting them for money.

natural themes of google chrome

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Cool, calm green theme for Eco friendly computing people.

photographer collection theme of browsers

Beautiful Sunflowers

This must be the most romantic flower. It always faces its lover.

Sunflower theme of chrome

Rainy Drops

One of the best Chrome themes I found.

bokeh effect chrome theme

Beautiful Tornado

Oh God no, not again. Please not again. Well, maybe in Google Chrome.

nature extreme chrome theme

The Green Mile

What a place to take a walk on.

fresh atmosphere wallpaper

Exotic Fruits

Fruits… well, if you have appetizing problems then this must be the Chrome theme for you.

fresh fruits chrome themes

Car and Automobile Themes

Michelisz Norbert Teme

Cool car, cool theme.

nascar chrome theme

Luxurious Lamborghini

Forget the theme, what a car!

car themes of browsers

Lamborghini Cherry

OMG, its that car again. There are two Google chrome themes that consist of Lamborghini.

red lamborghini chrome theme

Audi A4

Audi…. is not Lamborghini.

cars theme collection

Dodge Viper

Viper is a cool sports car.

dodge viper theme

Movies Chrome Themes

Iron Man 3 HD

Iron Man 3 was a big big hit. So was this Chrome theme.

irone man movie theme

Donkey n Diddy Kong Adventure

Darwin said, that’s who we were in the beginning.

donkey with monkey family

Despicable Me

To be honest, I haven’t seen the movie yet but the Chrome theme is nice.

3d creature themes of chrome

Hulk Angry

Hulk…. the hero I wanna be.

hulk look chrome theme

The Avengers

The mother of all movies.

avenger movie theme of chrome

Misc. Google Chrome Themes

A similar fear

You dare pop it!

conceptual shark theme

True Beyond

Pink is the color, red are the dresses.

girls theme of google chrome

Hatsune Miku

Are you a fan of anime manga?

japanese girl theme of google chrome

Pastel Marshmallows

Google Chrome themes are sometimes extremely cute, this is one of those.

marshmellows theme of google chrome


If you like red and pink, this is the Google Chrome theme for you.

cute chrome themes

Space Planet

Do you like outer space? If you do, this is the Chrome theme for you.

planets and space themes of google chrome

Ratchet & Clank Future

Cool blue theme. Very peace and calm.

browser theme collection


Octopus is one of the scariest animals of the ocean.

green octopus theme for browsers

Caroline Gardner

Yup, only a Gardner would make this Chrome theme.

vector artwork themes of chrome

Ocean Pacific

Looks like a swirl of hair from a tired woman.

retro vector themes of chrome


Anyone remembers that friends episode where Joey gets that thing that makes him wanna pee?

mirror rain drops theme of browser

MTG Jace

I haven’t played MTG ever, but I think it must be good because the theme is good.

fantasy theme for browser

Warframe 2

Warframe 2 is a popular video game. This Google Chrome theme is designed on that… theme.

war themes of google chrome


This is the theme based on the first version of the game.

war frame theme collection

Fresh Fruit

Water splash makes me thirsty.

fruits in water

Window 8 Living Room Theme

Google Chrome can run as an app in Windows 8.

green couch in room

Kate Spade

Color stripes. I find them disturbing for the eyes but you might like it.

colorful pattern in browser

Into The Mist

This is one of my favorite photos of all time. I didn’t know they had a theme made on this photo.

dark way to browsing

Orange Light Theme

An idea has come.

electri bulb hanging in chrome theme

Orange Wave

This is called light painting effect.

abstract light theme


Aliens has to be one of the craziest Google Chrome themes in terms of design.

alien sketch theme

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Seems like old temple in the old times in China.

battle theme of google chrome


That’s the place we should visit more often.

library theme of google chrome

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