Google Reader is leaving but RSS will stay. Here are the best Google Reader alternatives for your desktops and mobiles.

Today we are gathered here to remember our beloved, Google Reader. May not be among us for long, Google Reader would want us to move on. So even though GR’s place may never be filled, we will carry on reading… because that’s what Google reader always wanted.

Yesterday, Google announced that it would be decommissioning (to be exact, killing) Google Reader on July 1st, 2013. This announcement came as a shock to many, but as you know, the show must go on, we have made you a list of the best Google Reader alternatives.

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 Why is Google Reader Going Down?

Because these days, people make lists in twitter or LIKE the Facebook pages of their favorite blogs. They prefer to get all the updates in their social media stream rather than having a separate app controlling feeds. For serious readers, this doesn’t make any sense, but if you belong to the majority who are switching reader apps to social media, here are our Twitter and Facebook links 🙂


NetVibes is much more than an RSS reader, it provides internet monitoring and analytic services to business users. But a routine user doesn’t need all the other features, for routine tasks, the free accounts works fantastic. This is my favorite Google Reader alternative. NetVibes work with all your mobile devices.

Excellent RSS Reader


Probably the simplest solution for RSS reading, and arguably the best one! You can find separate apps for iPhone, Android and even Firefox.

Google Reader Alternative for Android and iOS.


A very simple personal style RSS reader for desktop, iOS and Android. The free account allows you to add 64 websites. This one also works with Android and iPhone/iPad.

If you don't have google reader, no problem.


It works with any device you can think of. The main difference between taptu and others is that it is designed for image based websites. So if have photo-phobia, this is the app for you.

An image based RSS reader and google reader alternative.

The Old Reader

Currently in Beta and only available as online RSS reader, this tool aims to replace Google Reader. It seems like a tough job, but someone has to do it.

The Old Reader aims to replace Google Reader.


There’s no desktop or online viewer available by Zite at the moment, it is one of the most popular apps chosen by serious readers, i.e. editors like me. Apps available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.

One of the google alternatives for Windows Phone 7.


A lot like Zite, just a little messier. Available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

One of the google alternatives for Android and iPhone and iPad.

Managing News

This is a downloadable desktop application. No Android or iPhone support available.
Good thing about Managing News is that it can ‘really’ manage loads of data. It supports RSS, ATOM, CSV, KML, XML and almost all kinds of feeds out there.

Downloadable RSS reader to use as Google Reader.


Here’s something for Apple lovers. Reeder is for Mac, iPhone and iPad. This is probably the most popular reader app on Apple’s devices.
They tweeted yesterday: “Don’t worry, Reeder won’t die with Google Reader.”

Best google reader alternative for mac, iphone and ipad.


Mum told me to save the best things for last. That’s why I saved Pulse for last. It doesn’t has any outrageous but in my opinion, this is the best designed RSS and Feed reader. Available for Android, iOS and Web.

One of the very best Google Alternatives for iPhone, Android and Web.

Something Extra


This is an app in the making. This is another app which aims to be ultimate Google Reader alternative. You can signup for the updates. Currently 80% development work has been completed.

A google reader alternative in the making.


This is a premium resource, costs $30. This is not even an application! This is mainly an engine that makes a reader on your website. You need PHP and MySQL installed on your computer/server to use it.

PHP MySQL based RSS Reader.

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