Expert Designers Share Their Secrets – 7 Sensational Group Interviews

When we face a problem we ask for a solution from the experienced ones. But what if the experienced professionals told us about the problems we will face in our before they occur, and equip us with the knowledge to deal with them… that would be pretty nice, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what this post is about.

This is a selection of group interviews. This is where bloggers interview groups of designers of the same field. This is where designers get to feel like celebrities. They give interview and help you guys. Their skill, knowledge and experience will help you to go ahead in the race.

And last but not the least, don’t forget to check out the last group interview in this list if you are a man. And if you are a lady…. so sad.

Group Interviews of Accomplished Designers

This is a incredibly useful post for all beginning designers and students of graphic and web designing.

Group Interview On Designers and the Pursuit of Personal Projects

Groupinterview on taking on personal projects.

This is an ideal interview if you don’t like to do jobs but want to make a business of your own. This is something I did and this is why I have placed this link on the top.

The topics discussed here span over the importance of development vs designing, factors of motivation, discipline for starting a business, entrepreneurial skills, freelancing and of course, the obstacles that we have to cross in order to become successful businessmen.

The interview article also covers the advantages and disadvantages of going solo. It offers an insight on having a job, going freelance and setting up your own design studio.

The interview ends with the most important question of them all, which is the advice these designers would like to give to all of us.


  1. Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks
  2. Collis Ta’eed of Envato
  3. Todd Garland of BuySellAds
  4. Jon Phillips of Spyre Studios
  5. Chris Spooner of SpoonGraphics
  6. Adii Pienaar of WooThemes
  7. Jacob Gube of Six Revisions
  8. Adelle Charles of Fuel Your Creativity

Group Interview: Expert Advice For Students and Young Web Designers

Group Interview advice for students

The above featured interview was for the people who are looking to go solo, but this one is useful especially for the beginners looking to make a career for themselves.

This interview is intended primarily for students, or entry level beginners.

In this article, you’ll learn the study recommendations by the seasoned designers, parameters for evaluating your own potential in the design industry, tips for balancing work and education, and it ends with each designer giving one tip that they wish they had gotten when they were starting their career.

Apart from regular studies, this article also focuses what you should be studying besides your syllabus and what goals you should be focusing. It also includes guide for going through the transition of being student to being a professional.

Of course, it wouldn’t miss out the major question of freelance vs job. And, if you would like to go freelance, how to find clients that really pay.


  1. Henry Jones of Web Design Ledger
  2. Wolfgang Bartelme of
  3. Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks
  4. Chris Spooner of SpoonGraphics, Line25
  5. Soh Tanaka
  6. Jon Philips of Spyre Studios
  7. Paul Boag of Boagworld, Headscape
  8. David Leggett of Tutorial9, UX Booth
  9. Jacob Gube of Six Revisions
  10. Elliot Jay Stocks
  11. Brian Hoff of The Design Cubicle
  12. Darren Hoyt
  13. Walter Apai of Webdesigner Depot
  14. Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design
  15. Zach Dunn of One Mighty Roar and Build Internet
  16. Paul Andrew of Speckyboy Design Magazine

Web/Graphic Designer Group Interview

Group Interviews for designers and developers.

This is not a topic focused interview, but it rather contains five most important questions in which each designers should be most interested in.

Questions covered in this interview are:

  1. What are your best methods for finding and attracting web design clients?
  2. Where do you go for design inspiration?
  3. How do you typically start a new project?
  4. What do you feel are the most important skills for a designer to have/develop?
  5. Do you have any favorite websites for interacting with others in the design community?


  1. Alen Grakalic – CSS Globe
  2. John Phillips – Freelance Folder
  3. David Airey
  4. Matt Griffin – Liquid Design Media
  5. Chris Coyier – CSS-Tricks
  6. Connor Wilson
  7. Thord Daniel Hedengren
  8. Michael Martin – Pro Blog Design
  9. Jacob Cass of Just – Creative Design
  10. Dejan Cancarevic – StylizedWeb

Group Interview of WordPress Theme Sellers

A Group interview from wordpress theme sellers.

This is probably the most important interview article in this list if you are a WordPress developer. Specifically, if you want to earn money by selling WP themes.

The topics covered include whether you should be focusing solely on theme selling of developing custom websites, what are the modern challenges in theme designing, the differences between a free theme and premium theme, and how to determine the price of your theme.

The article goes in depth of marketing as well. The the expert theme sellers share their experience of marketing and advertising their themes, creating affiliate plans, making different types of licenses, and getting approved on the major theme-selling marketplaces.


  1. Brian Gardner – StudioPress
  2. Jason Schuller – Press75
  3. Marc and David Perel – Obox Design
  4. Dmitri – NattyWP
  5. Carlos Aguaron – Gorilla Themes
  6. Mike – Viva Themes
  7. Aaron Lynch – Stoodeo selling on ThemeForest
  8. Christian “Kriesi” Budschedl – selling on ThemeForest

Group Interview: How Did You Find Your First Client?

How Did You Find Your First Client.

This interview has only one question asked, which is the title of the article: how were you able to find your first client. Since there is only one question, there are loads of designers in this interview and they all give highly detailed answers.


  1. Danny Outlaw of Outlaw Design Blog
  2. Dainis Graveris of 1stwebdesigner
  3. Aaron Irizarry of Solv
  4. Michael Martin of Pro Blog Design
  5. Matthew Jurmann of CHROMATIC
  6. Walter Apai of Webdesigner Depot
  7. Jan Cavan of Dawghouse Design Studio
  8. Andy Sowards of Andy Sowards
  9. Jon Phillips of Spyre Studios
  10. Chris Spooner of SpoonGraphics
  11. Matt Ward of Echo Enduring Media
  12. Darren Hoyt of Darren Hoyt
  13. Grace Smith of Grace Smith
  14. Paul Andrew of Specky Boy Design Magazine
  15. Jad Limcaco of Design Informer
  16. Zach Dunn of  One Mighty Roar
  17. Franz Jeitz of Fudge Graphics
  18. Selene Bowlby of iDesign Studios

Women In Web Design: Group Interview

A group interview from the women in designing field.

I hinted in my description that the last link in this post won’t be useful to our lady readers, so I decided to place this one on the second last position. After all, ladies come first.

This article is about the women of design industry, their particular challenges, aspiring role models, advantages and disadvantages, and finding a place in the design community.

In our design industry, gender doesn’t really makes a difference. Studies, education, skills and even the client behavior usually stays almost the same. But that’s just me, a man, speaking. Women may have a different opinion. This group interview is of that different opinion.

This interview covers all the questions already covered in the above featured articles, but this article covers all those questions specifically from a female designer’s perspective.

So whether you are a beginning female designer or a seasoned guru (what’s the feminine word for guru?), this article is for you.


  1. Rachel Andrew of | this is
  2. F. Claire Baxter of Vanity Claire
  3. Jan Cavan Dawghouse Design Studio
  4. Adelle Charles of Fuel Brand Inc | Adelle Charles
  5. Kristi Colvin of Fresh ID | kris colvin
  6. Molly E. Holzschlag of
  7. Eva-Lotta Lamm of Eva-Lotta Lamm
  8. Gisele Jaquenod of Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie
  9. Inayaili de León of Yaili | Web Designer Notebook
  10. milo317 of 3oneseven
  11. Sarah Parmenter of You Know Who | the blog of Sarah Parmenter
  12. Elena Scanteie of Design Disease
  13. Grace Smith of Postscript5 |
  14. Amber Weinberg of
  15. Lynda Weinman of
  16. Lisa Sabin-Wilson of E.Webscapes | Just a girl

Beards in Web Design

A group interview from designers with beards.

So, now you know why this is not useful for women.

Beards are pretty common among designers. Why? I don’t know. Probably it has to do with our introvert lifestyle, probably it has something to do with our lack of attention towards self-grooming, perhaps its a combination of those two or perhaps we just look cool in beards.

But the thing is that beard is something we need to take seriously. It shouldn’t be a hair jungle, it needs to be a mark of our manliness. So how do you do it? Learn from the learned bearded masters.

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