A lot of e-Commerce entrepreneurs these days prefer to work from home instead of renting an office. Elements like lower set-up cost, no rent and time saved from not having to travel to an office are main reasons for such inclination.

Before you decide to set up a home office, you need to think through a few essential guidelines otherwise a home office can drag your competency leveldown.

A good workstation allows you to work freely and enhance your proficiency. The best thing about home office is that you can decorate and create the working environment as you want. Each set up plays a significant role in finalizing the work efficaciously. A graphic or web designer spend a great deal of time in front of computer, a lot of factor can be problematic for them if they lack a comfortable set up.

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A home workstation should hold a distinct space and identity and should not be blended with the rest of the place. Working from home has its negative aspects though, that includes distraction on different levels e.g; children, TV etc. It is very important to consider your workstation environment and its influence on your mood and productivity.

There are unlimited way to set up a workstation without any definitive rule. This article will help you explore your options to build your office set up according to your desire. Here is the list of those guidelines essential for your workstation.

Keep It Simple

Try to keep your workstation as simple and to-the-point as possible. Less complicated work environment helps you stay focused. A computer, sufficient sized monitor, desk, phone, comfortable chair, fast internet, printer, fax machine if required and a good filing system seems to satisfy all your needs of a workstation. More things will just make it hard for you to organize your workstation. By keeping a simple environment you can not only save space but also a good amount of money.

Keep your office simple

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Avoid Disorganization

Disorganization can be a big problem for your workstation if you do not have a managing system setup. Clean your desk of anything you don’t have further use for. Use storage boxes for files and stuff you would be needing in future. Fix a time each week or month to clean out your workstation. A disorganized look can be a bad influence on your capability and personality. On the other hand, a clean and organized workstation will not only enhance your working performance but also leave a good impression on prospective clients.

Keep your desk organized

Include Sufficient Lighting

Sufficient lighting is one of the most effective element on the overall appearance of your work place. Use two sources of light, an overhead light and a task light. Natural light can be a very operative factor on your mood and work. You can use LED to save energy and be more proficient.

Sufficient lighting is very important

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Establish a Focal Point

A focal point is an essential design element that surrounds your work space so take good consideration in how you want to organize it. You can create a focal point in many ways. A focal point on the desk can help you stay focused on your work. Addition of an area rug can also achieve the purpose. For designers it can be your MAC or PC at your desk.

Focal point example for a workstation

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Don’t Mix Work With Personal Life

No matter how hard you try to keep your work away from your personal life, it always hold the tendency to be mixed up. The simplest reason is because your office is in your home.  To create an efficient work environment, you need to set up a boundary within your home to state where your workstation starts and where it ends. Try to keep the workstation as distinct from your home environment as possible. You cannot take the risk of mixing your personal life with your work.

Never mix personal life with professional

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Inspire Yourself

Inspire yourself within your workstation as you are going to spend a lot of time there. You can choose anything which will help you stay on desktop. It can include any artwork, family photos, favorite quote, a whiteboard, flowers or any decorative object. This will not only help you express your personality but also be a reason for your motivation.

Inspire Yourself

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Updated and Reliable Technology

To establish a good workstation, you need to make sure that your technology is in best form. The major source of frustration is distracting technical faults. Crashing system and data loss can not only effect your work but it can also ruin your mood. You need to update your system software at special intervals. Also conduct regular repair checks on your devices every 15 days without forgetting to keep a backup of your important information.

Updated hardware is a must if you want to use updated software

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Good Seating Support

To work competently in your workstation, your comfort is the most important element. It is necessary to get a good seating support if you spend most of your time sitting on your chair. A bad seating can cause you big backache problem sooner or later. So give it a good consideration before buying a chair for your workstation.

Good Seating Support

Wall Color

Choosing the right color for your wall can be beneficial for your work efficiency. Every color has its own impact on your mood and the place. A room painted in neutral colors is hard to get tired of. Yellow can stimulate your creativity and mental activity. Red is good for those related to selling or making deals. Blue and green can be best choice for writers. Orange is great for small management offices. You can also get a color guide to choose the right color for your workstation.

The color of walls

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Take A Break

A little break can leave a positive influence on your work. You should know that when a small break is essential for you. Relaxing and not thinking about work for a while can enhance your ability to focus and concentration.

Take a break from computing


Setting up a workstation at home is not difficult at all. From these guidelines you can draw inspiration on how to set up a clean and elegant workstation while keeping the important factors like comfort and focus intact.

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