So, Halloween is here again, that creepy time of the year when everyone tries to get some, nay, lots and lots of fun. As a result, everyone is getting really excited and happy. Things are snowballing into a frenzy with the preparation and everything else. Banners, posters, and even websites are springing up here and there, all Halloween themed.

Therefore Halloween fonts come in handy at this time, especially for designers. It won’t be proper to design a Halloween themed banner or website without using one or two Halloween fonts.

This is because they’re really great if you want to create that horror effect which comes with Halloween.

So I went out there and searched, and got some really great Halloween fonts. Fonts have a way of giving meaning to words, irrespective of what you’re saying. These fonts really make everything look evil and full of terror.

You could write “I love you,” or “I care about you,” in these fonts, and present a really spooky feeling due to the way they words are written.

But before I show you these fonts, I’d like to drop some cool facts about Halloween.

  • Dressing up on Halloween comes from the Celts, Jack o’ Lanterns too.
  • The moniker “Halloween” actually comes from the Catholics.
  • Halloween and the candy industry supposedly influenced Daylight Savings Time.
  • A full moon on Halloween is extremely rare.
  • Halloween is the second-most commercial American holiday of the year.

Free Halloween Fonts

So, here are the 20+ creepy Halloween Fonts every designer should have this Halloween Season. They can be available to download, of course.

Savath Font

A clear inspiration from old horror movies.

Zombie Dust Font

An incredible spooky font that has been hand-drawn by Fontdation. This one can help you create an incredible design in no time. It is also packed with various ligatures, alternates, punctuation, stylistics, and numerals.

Silenthell Typeface

A great font that has been inspired by the vintage typography.


A very original hand-drawn font that is perfect for halloween t-shirt, posters, banners, illustrations, and whatnot.

Muertos Typeface

This font sure looks different from many other halloween fonts but it has that distinctive Mexican look, so with the right context, it would look stunning.

Cutlass Typeface

Spooktacular Font Family + Extras

Frijole Halloween Font

A completely free font that look spooky incredible with the glow effect.

Endless Sorrow Creepy Font

This all caps display of a halloween spooky font would look amazing on illustrations or banners – it gives a very distinctive look for a design.

Hellwolf Typeface Free Font For Halloween

Mystery Quest Free Spooky Font

Moonhells Typeface Free Font For Halloween

Dreadful Free Spooky Font


Original Font/ SHINOBI Regular 1.0

PITTER (Free Font)

BoB Font

Free Font: Roborotica

Sinistral | Hand-Written SVG Font – FREE Vector version

A free vector version that is free for your download and use.

Furgatorio Typeface

Hive – Free Font

Made by multiple owners, this font is completely free for you to download use on your designs. Also free for commercial uses.

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