Do you need any free resources for Halloween-related designs? I’m sure you do, and here’s one for you. This is a multi-purpose PSD design, you can use it to create Halloween party tickets/posters or anything of such sort. With a little bit of tweaking, I’ve also made it into a wallpaper (also see: Latest Halloween Wallpapers).

Since we designed this, it is royalty-free and you are welcome to use it commercially.

The tutorial has been published: Designing a Smashing Halloween Poster.

This post contains two downloadable PSDs. Once is for the vertical shaped graphic, 2nd is for a horizontal one. You can download them individually.

Note: All resources makes are royalty-free, you are free to use them commercially. But we do appreciate if you give us a link back or you mention our name in any other way. This is a great way to say “thank you” for this resource if it was useful for you.


[freebiesub download=””]

Ticket Preview

halloween ticket psd file download

Poster Preview

free halloween party ticket template

Wallpaper PSD

[freebiesub download=””]

Wallpaper (Landscape Poster)

halloween party psd download pack

Wallpaper Preview

halloween wallpapers previews

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