Floral patterns are mostly used for creating backgrounds. These are floral or flower themed so they should be pretty useful when you will design anything….. serene.

These floral patterns are made in high resolution, 300 pixels-per-inch to be exact, so you can enlarge them into reasonable size. They won’t lose their quality even if you are making a 4-5 feet wide banner.

And as usual, since we designed this pack, this is royalty-free. If you are a member, you can download it for free and use it anywhere you like. If you’re not a member yet, hit Sign Up button. Membership is also free 🙂

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This is an example image. You can take an idea what they do. Of course, you’ll be using them in much more creative ways.

Floral Patterns

high resolution photoshop floral patterns

License Note:

You cannot sell/redistribute these floral patterns to anyone under any conditions. However you are allowed to use these floral patterns in whatever fashion you may desire. You are also free to use them for commercial projects.

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