What are stock photos supposed to do? They are supposed to help designers convey a meaningful message in their designs with the help of a photograph. Right, that’s what they do. But do all stock photos do that? THEY DON’T!

The sheer amount of stock photos out there, which no one will ever use, is amazingly high. There are dedicated Tumblr accounts, there are subreddits and there are tens of Facebook pages that share nothing but funny stock photos. More than 90% of those stock photos are just “lol funny” but some of them are truly “burst out laughing funny”, and these are the photos I’m interested in.

So today, I decided to make a collection truly funny stock photos, but these are not just funny, they are bewildering. They leave you wondering what in the world was the photographer thinking. Why would anyone ever buy this photo.

Note: There is no NSFW material in this post and no extremely dirty stuff. There are some extremely dirty stock photos out there, and I mean it in the literal sense. There was one photo where there was a burger. Between the pieces of bun, you know what was the filling? Chicken? Salad? A baby? A dog? NO! it was fresh poop!
I was drinking coffee when I saw that picture. I’ll never drink coffee again.

So I just wanted to tell you that there is no NSFW or any other kind of dirty stuff in it so feel free to share this post on your social media account.

Funny Stock Photos

I have commented out each photo, but this one, no comments.

Funny Stock Photos for Designers

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The title of this image is “Hispanic businessman sitting in a bathtub with a rubber ducky on his head.” My question is, why?

A funny stock photo

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Do you know what sumo wrestlers do? They ski.

Flying Sumo Wrestler

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If you were a lion, what would you do? It’s obvious isn’t it. This is what you’ll do.

Lion on a bicycle

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I won’t say anything about this one. The original title is more than enough. The title is: “Conceptual caricature of a blonde caucasian woman in a red outfit as she hold onto her head by a string as it floats away”


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They say business world is crazy. They have no idea what crazy actually is.

Business people upside down

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Watcha doing?

One of the best funny stock photos

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Once again, just the title is enough: A couple kissing under the mistletoe, wearing gas masks.

Kissing couple

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She won first prize for her butter toast.

Shutterstock Image

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Nun of you will understand anything.

Nun of you will understand

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You know how you can be haunted by the memory of your loved ones?


Female Hitler peeling potatoes.


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So this is what Aberforth did.

Goat man to the rescue

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That’s a flying laptop. But the cat still looks disappointed.

The cat is disappointed

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That’s king Henry the eighth using a vending machine. Completely logical of course.

King henry funny stock photos

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And this one is from a French stock photo site.


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This is a turkey dinner.


Joey is a melon guy.

Joey is a melon guy

A nice day to bask in the sun.

A nice day to bask in the sun

Okay, now let’s get to the most famous funny stock photos of all time.

“OMG, I left the water running.”


The shirtless old cowboy with a laptop in a meadow. I mean seriously, what was the photographer thinking?


I’m concluding this post here at the moment, but I’ll keep on looking for more funny stock photos and keep adding them in this post. Make sure you visit it after a couple of weeks.

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