Hiring a website design services can be a difficult decision. Websites are a very important part of any business as it is a great way to stay in touch with your visitors and also to promote your brand.

Not everyone is a designer and developer and not everyone knows how to develop a perfect website. In such cases, a person may consider hiring web designers and developers.

If you are not a designer, you need to find a good designing firm that can help you in coming up with a great website. However, with so many big firms and freelancers available, it won’t be an easy task to hire a good designer. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind while making up your mind. While deciding, make sure you select the best.

What do You Want?

Designing a Website

Before you check what website design services have to offer you, you need to be sure of what you really want. Following are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you begin your search for web designers and developers.

–          What is the main concept behind your website?

–          How big your website should be?

–          Who is your target audience?

–          Would it require regular updates?

–          Will be selling products/services or anything?

–          Would you use SEO?

–          Last but not the least, what is your budget?

To Begin Your Search

How to Find

Well, if  you are designer or a developer yourself, this would be an easy task as you would know what kind of a person is perfect for designing your website. If you are someone who is not tech savvy, it can be hectic job for you. The best thing you can do about the whole situation is go for referrals. This is the safest bet you can play.

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Apart from counting on referrals, you can also conduct your own search in order to find a good designer. When it comes to checking things before hiring a website design services, I must say that you should have a long list.

There is a lot of stuff that one has to check before hiring a designer. Since website is very important for your business, you cannot take a decision just like that.

Check out Your Potential Designer’s Personal Website

This is one of the best things you can do, checking the designer’s website which he has designed for himself. Chances are that would he his best work and this can answer a lot of questions in your mind. Browse through his website, all pages and check everything in your mind. You will have every question answered without having to make a lot of effort.

Things to Look for in Your Potential Designer’s Portfolio

Red Pencil Ink Tick Marks

–          How easily the information is available on his websites?

–          Is it easy to go back to home page after reading the desired content?

–          How friendly is the navigation?

–          Is each and every page accessible? Make sure there are no broken links

–          Is it a good example of consistency?

–          Contact page and site map should be easily available. Is it the case?

–          Has he provided the relevant information/content?

–          Proper alignment of website is very important. Is it properly aligned?

–          Is text easily readable?

–          Are pages too heavy or the website is easy to load?

–         Check the length and width of the pages.

–          Check is if pages open on the same page or a new tab?

–          How is the selection of colors? (Trust me, you would not want to miss out on this)

–          Title, tabs of pages – are they appropriate or not?

If you are able find answers, you would probably not have to check anything further before opening a business relationship. If the answer to all questions is Yes, look no further as you have found a good designer but if you have doubts, keep your search on.

Your Potential Designer’s Most Prominent Work

the outsider

One of the most important things to check is if the designer has made any websites for good and popular brands. Even if the brands are not popular, do check any of the website designed by the designer which is functional.

Freelance vs. Design Firm

This would be completely your decision. You have to decide:

Do you want to go for a freelance designer, or choose a design firm. The advantages of a design firms are many, but the biggest advantage is its credibility. However, this does not mean that a freelancer cannot handle all these responsibilities. At times, freelancers can come up with better designs in comparison to big firms.

Pricing and Guarantees

money and wallet

You should also check the pricing and guarantees offered by different design services. Obviously, the prices will vary according to the designer, firm and experience.

Make sure you do a thorough research so that you can get what you have paid for. These are various ways to shortlist the possible designers. Once you are done with short listing, you need to have a conversation with the designer.

Check for References

In the end, you might also want to call and check for references as you have every right to do so. Make sure you contact their previous clients and learn about their skills and how they handle work from the professional and personal angle.


The steps mentioned above can help you a lot in finding a perfect website design service. I hope the points would make your search a lot easier. If you have other better ways to find a graphic designer or some other things that one should check before hiring a design firm, you are more than welcome to share it with us.

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