Last week we published the tutorial to create a classy Hotel/Motel Web Design in Photoshop. Today we are sharing downloadable PSD file of that web design.

This template can be used for the homepage of any hotel/restaurant/resort and any similar sort of business. As usual the design is royalty-free and you are welcomed to use it commercially. Next week we’ll publish it’s HTML CSS tutorial, so stay tuned.

I apologize for getting a little late in publishing this post, actually our webmaster Ayaz Malik is getting married tomorrow and we’re all busy ‘designing’ his wedding. We’ll back on routine in a couple of days.

Download Layout PSD

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Logo and Navigation

Header is kept minimal which gives the homepage a classy look as well as it leaves most of the space for the content.


Feature Area

Featured area is a must for all hotel websites. They show off their bragging points.


Content Area

Business websites generally have two snippet of content from all the pages. This engages the user better and increases the “number of pages visited” on the website.

Photoshop tutorial


Again, simple footer no need to anything fancy here, that’ll just steal the spotlight from content area and that’s not something client would like.


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