As a web designer, finding projects is not the only difficult thing that one has to take care of. In order to stay in the market, one has to make sure that the web design prices are in harmony with the market. You  simply cannot  afford to come up with random prices for your projects.

You need to have a plan and then decide how much you will charge for a project and how will you charge for it. A web designer has to keep a lot of points in mind before he quotes a price for a project. Let’s have a look at a few things that you need to consider before you finalize web design prices:

Type of Project

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The first and also the most important thing to evaluate is the kind of project you are supposed to work on. Obviously, you need to determine the amount of effort required for the project.  When it comes to analyzing the project, it has a lot of points.

The first thing you need to figure out is the number of pages a particular website will require. Also, do make sure that you are aware if the website requires images and flash videos. Now, when we are talking about images and videos, you need to ask the client if you will have to work on them as well or if they will be provided to you.

Content of the Website

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Apart from layout, the content of the website is the most important thing in a website and working on the content requires a lot of effort. As a designer, you should know if a proper writer will be writing the content or if you will be working on the content along with the layout.

Scripting and Multimedia

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Flash, scripting and multimedia requires a lot of effort on designer’s part. So, if a website includes all this, your work will be doubled. Be very clear about the client’s requirements from the start so that you can get a proper amount for the hard work.

Meeting Deadlines

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This is one thing that can affect a lot on your web designing prices. If a client wants the project urgently, you have an opportunity to charge more. But then again, you should accept the project only if you are sure of meeting the said deadline. Never promise anything to your client if you are unsure of it. But if a client approaches you with an urgent project, you can demand a little more than what you will ask for normally.

Your Experience Counts

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If you have a good amount of experience, you can charge good amount for projects. Clients are willing to pay to designers with more experience in comparison to paying someone with good talent but less practice.

Always keep in mind that if your experience is according to client’s requirements, only then you should raise your prices. Logically, if a client requires flash experience and you have been working on HTML, there is no point in raising your prices and losing out on a client.

Maintenance of the Website

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Web designer’s job is not limited to creating a website. Obviously they will have to maintain the website in the future as well. Your client will never focus on this aspect of the contract but as a designer you need to make sure that maintenance is covered in your contract. In fact some designers go for a separate contact when it comes to maintenance of a website. Because maintenance requires constant effort, you have every right to raise the prices of your project.

Consider the Contemporary Rates

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You should never ask for a much higher price in comparison to what are the contemporary rates in the market. It is obviously not easy to determine the prices of other designers; but an easy way is to ask you fellow designers about it directly. Once you are aware of the market rate, you can decide the web design price for your own project.

Structuring the Prices

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Designers usually charge hourly, project based or according to the design package. You need to be intelligent to think that charging on an hourly basis is not a good idea as there can be a lot of issues with the client related to the hour calculation. Charging per hour will never be profitable for you so it is wide to structure your prices according to projects or design package.

Set Prices or Quotes

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Every web designer faces this dilemma of deciding between set prices or quotes. In order to take this decision, you need to look at the pros and cons of both. Quoting prices for each project would require a lot of time – but at the same time, you can treat each project individually according to requirements. Also, there are a lot of potential clients who would like to see set prices before they opt for your services. It is entirely up to you to decide which strategy goes the best for you.

Final Thoughts

Finalizing web design prices is not an easy job as a lot needs to be considered before one decides the price. It is your professional task as a designer to carefully analyze the project and its requirements and then decide the charges. However, whatever price you decide, you need to make sure that you are honest with your client.

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