How to Create a Gloomy Peel Off Face Effect in Photoshop

Today, we’ll learn how to make an artistic Peeling Off effect on any image. You need to be frequent in such effects to make impressive photo manipulations. I’ll be making some photo manipulation tutorials soon, but first – let’s just get you going on creating some simple and easy, yet striking photo effects. And this tutorial will teach you one of them.

Do you remember Photoshop Paint and Blood brushes, I promised this tutorial in the description of that post. In this tutorial, I’ll be using those brushes so if you don’t have them, please download it, and then carry on.

Final Result

Free photoshop effect tut

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Step 1

First of all, take an image with some aggressive expression. I used a  stock image from here.

Free Peel of photoshop tutorial

Step 2

Now, with Polygonal Lasso tool I extracted the face and blurred the edges.

Free photoshop tut

Step 3

I got the result visible in the image below. Here, I made the background black, solid black and changed the opacity of the layer containing the face to 48%.

free tut

Step 4

Now, make a new layer, reach for the Brush Tool > Select the 5th blood brush and stroke it on the face as I did in the image below. Then press Ctrl and click on the icon of the brush stroke layer in the layers panel. The stroke is now selected.

Here’s the trick now, keep the selection alive, and select the layer containing the face and press Ctrl+C (copy). This will copy the selected area (which is shaped like a paint splatter) of the face. Now make a new layer and press Ctrl+V this will paste the copied area of the face in 100% opacity.

Free Peel of Effect tut

Step 5

We’ll repeat step 4 a couple of times. Here we used another brush of the Free Brushes on new layer.

Free photoshop tut

Step 6

Here we use another Designzzz Brush on a new layer and repeat the procedure.

Free effect tut

Step 7

The result of the brush strokes is shown below.

Free photoshop effect

Step 8

Now Select the layer containing parts of the face, and right click on the layer in the Layers Panel > Select Blending Options and apply these settings.

Free effect tut

Free effect tut

Final Result

After applying the layer style  on the brush layers your Peel off Effect is ready.

Free photoshop effect tut

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