In this photo-manipulation tutorial we’ll destroy a beautiful theater. Usually such image manipulations take a lot of time but this is a quick one. We’ll perform a simple (yet stunning) picture edit but you might also wanna add a couple of orbiting stars to give it an apocalypse feel.

Remember I promised in my earlier tutorial that photo manipulation tutorials will soon be published. This is the first of those photo manipulations and there are many more to come. I greatly appreciate your feedback on this post, this is my first photo-manip.

Initial image

This was the image from where we started this photo-manipulation. I saw this image on MIT‘s website and immediately decided to make this.

Free photoshop manipulation tutorial


Now we need some clouds in the background. For that I grabbed a wallpaper I had in my PC. You can use clouds from any image, there’s a lot of stock out there.

photoshop tutorial

Step 1 – Extraction

So lets start with the Lasso Tool and cut the theater building from the image. Remove the background.

Free photoshop tutorials

Step 2 – Toning

When we done with the cutting off the theater, place it on a new layer and adjust the curves by striking Ctrl+M or Go to Image > Adjustment > Curves. Set the channel to the Red and put these values.

Free Photoshop manip tutorials

Here we set the channel to the RGB and put the values.

Free Photoshop tutorials

Here we set the channel to the Blue and put the values.

Free Photoshop tutorials

We are done with the toning of the background.

Free Photoshop tutorials

Step 3 – Crop

Now I crop the specific area of the background and move it to the new layer.

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Step 4 – Selection

Return to the Lasso Tool and extract the clouds. We only need the clouds.

Fre Photoshop tutorials

We have cut off the excessive part which was disturbing the effect of the scene and turn it’s Layer Style to the Hard Light. Now put this layer on background.

Free photoshop tutorials

After some copy-pasting, here’s the final background.

Photoshop tutorials

Step 5 – Water Effect

Next step is creating a water effect. For  that, I selected the whole background and copied it on a new layer and using Transform pressed it down and Flipped it Vertically by pressing the left click.

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Step 6 – Effect

Now I’m making the water effect more realistic by adding Motion Blur Filter > Blur > Motion Blur on that background layer which we transformed previously.

Free Photoshop tutorials

Step 7 – Realism

Here we Select the Blur Tool and rub on the edges of the water effect layer, this will make the effect more realistic.

Free Photoshop building manipulation

Step 8 – Applying Layer Mode

Here, I set the theater and set the mode to multiply.

Free photoshop tutorials

Free building manipulation in photoshop

Step 9 – Adding the Aura

To add a little concept, we copy the theater into a New Layer and add Motion Blur in it. Go to the Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Here we change the angle of the Blur effect.

Free Photoshop manipulation

Free photoshop manipulation

Step 10 – Flip it

Here I scaled it down by pressing the Ctrl+T and Flipped it Vertically in the right click option menu.

Free Photoshop manipulation

Step 11 – Break-up

Now comes the real deal. I randomly made selections for making cracks. I hide all the other layers and that is why you are seeing the building without it’s color toning. Once the background images will  be displayed, the colors will get back to normal. The cracks should not look smooth so the selection must NOT contain any sort of feather.

Free image manipulation in photoshop

Here we are done with cracks.

Photoshop tutorials

Step 12 – Finishing Touch

Now what’s left? One thing, the cracks do not look as real as they should. The missing element is shadow. The broken parts should be making shadows. We can of course use Drop Shadow layer style for making shadows but I used Brush Tool to create shadows. Brush tool provides unlimited customization capabilities; that is why I recommend you to use customized brush over automated drop shadows. You can see the result of shadows in the final result below.

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Final Result

Free Photoshop building tutorials

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