How to Create a Selling WordPress Theme

Nowadays, people are effectively hungry for new, original and functional Word Press themes. The market places contain hundreds of amazing themes and each day, new markets are launched but there seems that is still need for more good themes.

Much more, some good works are sold multiple times, some of them for more than one hundred times, hence it’s a really profitable affair. Anyway, a good design can’t pass unnoticed and there is another chance in building a successful brand which is even more important that a selling theme.

There are presented so many advantages that instantly will make anyone to ask himself why not all the designers are selling Word Press themes. Unfortunately, many other aspects must be taken into account.

First, the competition is fabulous; there are dozens of very talented designers that are adepts of this kind of activity. Much more, some of them grouped in small teams of designers and coders assessing new and higher standards. Second, the experience is determinative, there is not about how to satisfy the clients, it’s about how to predict what will want a client and what he really need. Third, the clients are used to high standards and any mistake is equivalent of losing many sellings. Last, but not at least as importance, is the fact that many buyers aren’t Word Press experts and any decent option of the layout created may be a real disaster for him and give to the theme a negative feedback.

Briefly, the situation isn’t totally pinky but there might be obtained serious profits and deserves barely trying to sell a theme. In order to help the ones interested in selling Word Press themes I created this post that contains six mandatory rules to be profitable. These are the most important ideas to keep in mind when designing your selling theme but of course, there are many other small tips that you will learn along the crafting process. If you consider that there must be added another useful idea feel free to let us know by using the comment form.

Try All the Best with it

Tips for WordPress theme creators

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As I said, the competition is harsh and the potential buyers have lots of offers. To be competitive is mandatory to offer only the best items and solutions. From the first sketches, the design of the layout must be awesome, eye-catching but in the same time accessible and functional. The elements inserted as the icons, fonts or any images must be high quality, i.e, it’s more profitable to spend extra ten dollars for a cool set of icons that make the difference than selecting a free bunch of modest ones. It’s true, for the moment, it seems a real bargain. The buyer can’t view the code and sometimes it may be ignored but is wrong! A clean and correct code is very appreciated by the search engines and it’s a great advantage. Maybe, few days after the theme were bought, it won’t be noticed, but across time the mistakes will be observed and a serious brand can’t be build on this mentality.

Don’t Try to Cheat, Copy or Steal

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A theme uploaded on a market website must be perfect because it supposes multiple sellings and each review is very important, any negative aspect will determine the next viewers to be more attentive to your offer while only positive comments will give him the safety and trust so needed in this affair. On the other hand, the clients will appreciate anything that is original and innovative but with so many themes already created is mathematically proved that is impossible to be 100% original. In spite of that, when designing a selling Word Press theme try to not be influenced by other layouts. I consider that is in vain to mention that stealing or copying is almost suicide, don’t ever think to copy a successful theme.

Make it Targeted


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Many themes are built to be used with limitless purposes but it’s impossible to create a layout matching all the preferences of the users. A better strategy is to create more targeted ones that are prepared mostly for a single use and not “universal valuable.” It seems that by targeting it, the potential buyers will be less but they will be more interested and the chances of buying it are higher.

A Selling Theme Must be Very Customizable


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Apparently situated in opposition with the previous tip in fact is a normal consequence. It’s pretty normal to ask yourself how and why to make customizable a theme that is well targeted. Yes, it should be targeted but also very customizable because usually, the clients want freedom. The idea behind is that more freedom let the clients to express themselves better.

Try to Sell it on the Best Online Markets

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Some Word press designers prefer to sell their works on their portfolios to avoid the taxes of the website selling themes but it’s a good idea only when your online presence is quite visited else… Anyway, the market places are many and each one has its own system of payment and is recommended to check the agreement attentive not to miss important details. I am sure you have enough opportunities therefore search for the best solutions.

Offer Free Support and Consultation


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Offering support for any buyer seems a time consuming activity, which is indeed, but thinking in perspective is necessary. An active dialogue is welcomed because in this way is formed a community around the team/designer and the buyers may become clients. Under these circumstances is possible to be directly contacted by the clients and you won’t have to sell on market places, the buyers will come to you.

I hope that the optimistic approach from the previous paragraph to motivate you but there is the latest and perhaps the most important thing: without practice all these tips are useless.

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