Now it’s time for some 3D Groovy Typography in Photoshop CS5. This is a quick tutorial and does not require much of your time. I made this Typography with some simple effects of Photoshop.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an Eye Catchy 3D Groovy Typography using Photoshop’s basic tools, nothing too fancy. Since it is an easy one, even beginners should not hesitate to try it. As you would already know, my intention is to use minimum resources and effects, so here I am making another cool graphic using simple and easy to use resources.

Final Result

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Step 1 – Text

Let’s start with the text, Type each letter on a separate layer because we have to work on every letter individually. Don’t be afraid, it’s not a long tutorial.

Free 3d tutorial in photoshop

Step 2 – Groove

For a Groove effect we have to rotate the text. Here I’m rotating text clockwise. See the screenshot below.

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Final Result after rotating the text

Free photoshop typography tutorial

Step 3 – Coloring

Here I made a copy of Letter D and changed the color to yellow, placed that copy at a distance of 1px from the green D. Repeat this step and make several copies, after that merge all of the duplicated layers and in the end, place  the merged layer under the Green D, we did all this for making a little 3-D kind of effect.

Free photoshop tutorial

Step 4 – Background Filling

Here I am Applying Gradient on that layer which we made by merging the yellow layers of D.

Free photoshop gradient tutorial

Step 5 – Shadow

After Applying the Gradient, I’m going to add Drop Shadow by putting these values in the Gradient Panel.

Free photoshop tutorial


This is the result I got after adding 3-D Effect, Gradient and Drop Shadow.

Free photoshop tutorial of typography

Step 6 – Background

Here I added a Wood Texture background grabbed from here. I think this typography would also look great over brick wall type backgrounds, or maybe some dark solid colors. You can try multiple variations.

Free background of photoshop

Step 7 – Adding Special Effect

Now I’m going to add Groovy Look in the Typography, I put all the layers containing letters on the background and I’m going to make Glow Effect on the Letters by Erasing bits of foreground Green layers of the letters by using the Erase Tool.

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Step 8 – Texture

I applied Wet Media Brushes (comes default in Photoshop) and select the 45px Round Brush. This brush contains light beautiful textures so they will add quite a groovy effect.

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Step 9 – Using Brush

After that I used Designzzz Brush Pack #2 Hi-Res Paint And Blood Brushes and painted this thing.

Free Paint strokes in photoshop

Step 10 – Bevel

After painting brush strokes, I added a Bevel and Emboss effect.

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Step 11 – Curve

Everybody likes curvy things, right. Here I used Pen Tool and made this beautiful Curve path.

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Step 12 – Making of the Curve

Here’s how I drew this curve.

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Step 13 – Making Curve Beautiful

Now erase the overlapping areas of the curve. Refer to the screen shot below for further instructions.

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Step 14 – More Curves

To add some extra groove, I made this unique kind of curvy shape. I placed it on two locations. Now have a look at the final result, let’s see if you can spot the two shapes.


free photoshop tutorial

Final Result

Free photoshop tutorials

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