face-tutorialMany people have difficulty drawing Manga style because they do not know where to start, or do not have sufficient knowledge of other types of art styles. However, I am here to help you find the best tutorials on deviantArt that are helpful to your unique learning curve. However, you may look at these in any order that you like. Everyone has a different way of learning, so find what is best for you. A lot of people learn better by reading, some by diagrams and pictures, some by talked instructions, and some by doing. I will try to cover these needs in the many tutorials I find.


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This does not apply to Manga, but is equally important to characters. However, you are allowed to be a little more exaggerated with the anatomy.

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Chibi is a very exaggerated style, often geared at younger children. They depict comical, non-serious scenes and are supposed to look cute.


Quick Chibi Reference:

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This ties in very much with anatomy, and also is important in most all styles of art.


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Faces are the main things that differ from regular, realistic to Manga art. They have larger eyes, smaller noses, and sometimes larger, more full hairstyles. To what extent that you apply this depends on the artist, and you should try to find the style that you like best.


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Facial Expressions:

There are also many expressions that are different, and not seen in non-Japanese culture, or are also exaggerated. (For example, you don’t see everyone making Manga poses in America, but it would not be uncommon in Japan).

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These faces are not very serious, but many can be used in a serious way by, for example, changing the eye size and adding a nose and maybe making the mouth smaller. These are easily implemented into Chibi. Obviously, these are not meant to be copied exactly, but more for reference.


Eyes are different for every artist, and it is best you do not just try one eye style and stick with it, but to experiment and try many eye styles. Here are many eye styles that I have seen. This tutorial is the artists’ style mixed with a Sonic the Hedgehog style.

Soft eyes:

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Realistic Eye Drawing Tutorial:

eye drawing tutorial

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This is an excellent tutorial that does not show you how to draw the eyes, but shows you, in 1 image, 100 different styles of eyes by 100 different artists. See this Link


When a lot of people draw Manga, clothes are usually not the first thing that you think of. However, you can’t deny that they are not important, unless you limit yourself to drawing nude people.Most people, including myself, have a hard time drawing clothing folds. This should help out.


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This tutorial focuses more on elaborating clothing, but also has a bit on shading.


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Just like eyes, everyone has their own style for doing hair.

Realistic Hair Drawing

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Shows placement of hair, expected hair stereotypes, and is more Manga-oriented.


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There are two different types of Manga, Shoujo and Shounen. Shoujo has pretty girls and usually focuses on relationships, character development, and is made to appeal to girls. It has very little, if all, action. However, a lot of times, guys like to read Shoujo because the girls are pretty and.. well.. have large breasts. Shoujo is the action Manga,
usually drawn with more muscular, hunky guys, big robots, and tons of fighting. it focuses less on relationships and character development so that the pace keeps on going. Eyes and heads are smaller, and the muscles are more proportionate.

Examples of Shoujo are: Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, etc.

Examples of Shounen are: Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, etc.


Even if you are not a beginner, all of these tutorials can help you in some way. Even looking over a concept you have already learned can help you to become better at it.

Note: All tutorials are linked back to their respective owners.

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