Some people usually have a hard time making a creative brush. Today I’ll describe a simple way to make a tasty brush. Just make a simple shape, make a few copies and you got your brush design. See the tutorial below for an example. But before that, let me just define a few things about a brush.

When we make a brush, the solid black color takes the value of 100% color (0% transparency) while gray color is takes the value of 50% color (50% transparency) and white is 0% color (100% transparent).

Once the brush is made, the user can use the brush with any color but it is a good practice to make it in grayscale. I usually make these brushes in high-resolution so that they could work well in any kind of use, but if your object, from which you are creating your brush, is larger than 2500 Pixels, the Define Brush command will not work.

We Will be Making This

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Let’s open a blank file to start, you can set the size whatever you want. Since I’m making a high-resolution brush, I’m keeping the resolution at 300 DPI.


Step 2

I grabbed a shape from the Custom Shape picker in the property bar of Custom  Shapes tool in Photoshop. You can make follow the same steps with any shape, in fact, I recommend that you create your own shape, this tutorial is just to get you familiar with the tools.

Step 3

I draw a single shape here from the basic options.


Step 4

Copied the same shape here and there, but with different color values.

Three Shapes for tutorial

Final Shapes for tutorial

Now we are ready to define this object as brush.

Step 5

Now using Marquee Selection Method, select the area which you want to define as brush, then click Edit>Define Brush Preset.

Defining a brush preset in photoshop

Step 6

A dialog box will pop up asking you to set the name of that brush. I named it Shabby Square.

Name of brush

Step 7

All done, you now have the brush preset and you can use it as any other brush. To save your brushes, use the following command.

Save command of brush

Final Result


Photoshop Tutorial

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