Let’s take on Illustrator now. The first tutorial of Adobe Illustrator is being published at Designzzz today. We shall learn Making a Heart-Touching HEART in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator is an industry standard trend setting vector designing tool from Adobe. In the beginning, it only supported Macintosh operating system and CorelDRAW captured the PC market. After Adobe integrated its tools with Windows standard, there has been virtually no competition and the industry is solely dominated by this tool.

You might be thinking what makes this tool so good, well here’s an example. Have a look at this very easy tutorial and witness the power of Adobe Illustrator.

Final Result

Tutorial for Designers

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1- Create a new file in Illustrator CS2, CS3 OR CS4. Draw a four point shape line with pen tool like this.

AI Tutorial

2- Select Convert Anchor Point Tool (shift+c)

AI Tuts

3- Press the left mouse button, select the outmost right anchor point and drag your pointer while holding the click – until the shape depicted below is formed.

Adobe Illustrator

4- Perform the same action with left one.

Illustration Guide

5- Now drag bottom point towards right side to make it little curved.


6- Now select Direct Selection Tool and hold down the Alt button and now drag only left handle upward a bit little to make heart bottom shape (holding Alt button will allow you to move only one side of  the handle at a time).


7- While toying around with direct selection tool, which obviously requires some practice, you will get this perfect shape.


Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

8- Now make gradient to fill in the heart like this.

Tutorials and Tips

9- And yellow color for the heart stroke.

free Tuts

Tutorial and tips

10- Increase stroke width to 4 points

Adobe Illustrator

11- Apply shadow.

Adobe Illustrator

12- Now set the shadow settings.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

13- You will get this shape after applying gradient.

Tutorial for making a Heart

14- now with pen tool create left side shade like this.


15- And set it on the heart.

Tutorial and Guide

16- Top shade.

tutorial of adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

17- Create Center shade and apply the same gradient which we filled in the basic shape, but this time, fill it in a horizontal angle.

Adobe Illustrator

18- A white reflecting shade on top left side.


19 – Make another dark shade like this.


20–And in the center like this.


21– Two more line to wrap your heart.

Tutorial guide

22– Write Some text, give it dark brown color, duplicate it, change the color of lower text and apply twirl tool.


Adobe Illustrator

23- Now lower the text and put some gray twirls behind the heart. You have got your beautiful heart.

Tutorial for Designers

This is my heart. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

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