Today, the world revolves backwards. I wanted to write a simple article comprising a few general tips for web designers about attaining more clients and orders. But that would have been a serious and dry piece of writing, nobody likes that, not even me.

So to make it interesting I added a little twist. I’ll be telling you the tips that should you follow, you’ll lose all your clients and orders (silly me!).

A few days ago, we published Things You Never Say to Your Boss and that article was liked a lot not for the wise advice but for the list of 10 stupid blurt-outs you should never repeat to your boss. So I’m adding the same touch of humour here as well.

Everything Advance

money grabbed

Always ask the money in advance. Clients want to see some results of their order before they actually pay anything, a dummy site, a prototype design of their site. If you ask for the money in advance even though you don’t have a big company, you can succeed in your mission of avoiding the clients.

The Bottom Line is “Always make your clients feel that you don’t trust them”.

Improve Lying Skills

lie and get clients

Lying is the best policy. It doesn’t matter if you can meet the deadline, it doesn’t matter if you have the skills to perform the tasks, it also doesn’t matter if you are pricing high, and it absolutely does not matter if you can satisfy the client. Just lie.

All the lies are caught in the end, and once the client will know your ugly truth, he will never ever come to you again.

No Extras

extra stuff

Twins photo by Sweet Baby Blog

Giving away something extra, something additional which is not part of your job can make your client sincere with you, avoid it.

The extras can include a free business card design, revision, a pen and a notebook and such stuff which is unexpected for client. These kinds of extras generate a constant flow of orders and get you a lot of recommendation because of the great experience client had with you, so forget about anything extra.

Find the Shortcut

Tips and Tricks used by Professionals

Image Stolen from Our Free E-Book Adobe Photoshop Crash Course

Find shortcuts for everything, like if you want to earn money, rob a bank. That’s the proper way of thinking. So if you ever need a design, steal some site’s design. Just copy each element and you got yourself a design.

If you find a cool clipart piece or cool script or snippets, just use it. Grab copyrighted material because that is usually of good quality.  If you follow all these tips, by the grace of God you’ll very soon be cursed by everybody.

Don’t Focus On Quality

quality is your enemy

If you give quality, doesn’t matter how many faults you might have, clients may still not stop coming. So to permanently get rid of the clients, decrease the quality of your work.

Quality of everything, quality of your work, quality of your communications, quality of your customer support, quality in terms of being a boss (if you have any employees) and quality as a human being. All these qualities must vanish and convert into inadequacies, only then you can lose all the clients, orders and respect.


OK, let’s get serious now; these were the few things that should be followed in the reverse order. Whatever I said, do the exact opposite to become successful as a web designer and if you follow the last tip properly, you will be a better human being as well. That’s all one could do to get the best of life.

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