This is my first tutorial with a text effect, hopefully you’ll like it. Today we shall learn how to create a realistic text made of grass in 3D Studio Max. We recently published a lot Adobe Photoshop related stuff, especially the Free Adobe Photoshop Crash Course e-Book, so it was time to give 3Ds Max another chance.

These kinds of graphics are quite useful for making logo designs and launching print media or outdoor advertising campaigns. Don’t forget to comment, your feedback is important for us.

Final Result

3dsMax Tutorial

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Press F10 to bring up Render Setup Dialogue box or click “Rendering” from Menu and click Render Setup.

From Assign Renderer Section click on Choose renderer button (in front of production) and select V-Ray as your renderer. Make sure that you have already installed the V-ray renderer for the respective version of you 3Ds Max application 9, 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011.

3D Studio Max Tutorial


From Indirect Illumination Tab of rendering settings,  turn on GI check box and set current prest of irradiance map to very low so that you may render it quickly. You can change it to high afterward.

vray in 3ds max

Now place V-ray Plane in the viewport anywhere in the scene from Geometry section and apply some grass map on it.

3D Max Techniques

From create panel, click on shapes, then on text button and write some text as I did and give it to a font of your choice and color it green keep size of text 100.

Designing Tutorial

In the text option turn on Enable in renderer and Enable in viewport options. Select Rectangular option and give it 12 length.

3d max tutorials

Now your text should be hollow extruded like this

3D Typography

Now use edit mesh so that you may apply V-ray fur on it.

Modifier in 3D Max

And now apply V-ray fur with these parameters.

Bend = 1
Per area =1.5

3D Designing Tips

Click light button and select V-ray light and draw it in view port as I did and copy it as instance and keep its size length=20 width=10.

Renderer in 3D max

See this image how I set the V-ray lights.

3D max typography tutorial

Place a sphere of radius 30  in the scene, apply any stone material to it and apply noise on it with these parameters.

Check fractal option on scale=127 strength x=30, y=50, z=25

Copy this sphere and scale down it and place in front of text.

3Ds Max Tip

Set a view of your choice and hit F9 to see the magic of V-ray fur.

3dsMax Tutorial

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