Here is the Photo makeover/ makeup tutorial on the desire of our precious reader Leena. She posted a comment on Create a Charismatic Paint Dispersion Photo Manipulation in Photoshop requesting this tutorial. The kind of photo retouching is very important in the field of Graphic Designing. This retouching forces the designer to use almost all the bitmap tools in software program.

This is one of the few effects which every student of Photoshop dreams to make one day when he or she is entering this field. Getting a clean result of digital retouching is an extremely tough job. Some people use Photoshop only for this purpose of making their pictures more attractive, clean and clear. Hope you all like this tutorial and don’t forget to give some feedback. Too much talking though, let’s take a look at the tutorial now.

Final Difference

Free photoshp make up tutorial defference

Let’s begin now. First thing we will be fixing is the skin.


Free photoshop make up tutorial


Let’s start by adjusting the curves of the image of the model by pressing CTRL+M.

Free photoshop tutorial Adjusting the curves makeup

Now we are adjusting Color Balance. You can see the values I used for Midtones and Highlights by pressing CTRL+B.

Free photoshop make up tutorial

Free photoshop make up tutorial

Levels are up next. You can see the Levels dialog box by pressing the CTRL+L.

Free photshop tutorial of make over

I selected Patch Tool for removing spots (pimples, dark areas etc.).

Free photoshop makeup tutorial

I applied the filter of the Blur from Filter>Blur>Surface Blur. Remember, before applying this filter, make a duplicate layer of the model by striking the CTRL+J, then apply the filter. This will add a diffusion effect that will pull away all the negatives from the skin.


When we blur the image, eyes, mouth and hair also get blurred and that looks unreal. And that is why we made the duplicate layer. Just erase these areas (eyes, hair, lips etc.) and you’ll get a gorgeous result from the duplicated layer below.

Free photoshop makeup tutorial


I made a new color layer for improving the hair color.

Free photoshop make up tutorial

I changed the Layer style to the Multiply and Opacity to 89. You should of course test the result with your own values.

free photoshop tutorial of makeup

Eyes and Teeth

Here I adjusted the eye color by painting over the eyeballs on a new layer.

free photoshop tutorial of makeup

Whitening the area around the eyeballs wouldn’t be a bad idea.

free photoshop tutorial of makeup

The result up there may seem too sharp but it’ll get better. Now let’s adjust the teeth color in the same manner and set Opacity to 41.

free photoshop tutorial of makeup


I applied the Liquify filter with these Adjustments for balancing the Size of  Lips.

free photoshop tutorial of makeup

Applying the Liquify filter.

Free photoshop tutorial of makeup

Final result

Free photoshop cs makeover tutorial


Free photoshp make up tutorial defference

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