The advancement of technology is coming about at light speed. I still remember that I learned using a PC on monochrome (black and white) monitors, and even my teacher didn’t know to use a mouse. We used DOS as the operating system 1MB floppy drive was the only way for data transfer, nobody knew about anything called internet. It sounds like I’m talking about an era centuries ago, yet I’m not even in my 30s’!!

When I see the technology around me, I sometimes wonder, can we keep up with this?? And the answer is Yes!!

Staying to the Basics

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If you have the basics, the fundamentals right, no matter how technology changes, you’ll stay on top of it. Take graphic design for instance, if you can draw well with your mouse, in a couple of years, the mouse might not be here at all. Maybe some other pointing kind of pointing device takes it place… but if you are good at drawing with a pencil and you have the fundamentals of an artist, doesn’t matter what kind of device you use, you’ll be successful. Just like J.K. Rowling started with pen and paper but now she uses laptop, it didn’t matter.

Waste Your Time

Believe it or not, you can predict the future technology just by watching movies. I predicted iPad type device in 2005, I know many people who predicted this just after watching Minority Report (Hollywood film) in 2002. I’m not saying you just watch movies, you should hang out with your friends. Have discussions about future techs, you might end up creating an idea that somebody would be interested in buying, or at least it can be a hit post of concept design on your blog.

Stay Connected with Kids

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Do you remember how you used to tell the “new stuff” to your parents, well, find some kids to do that to you (if still are a kid, you can skip this part). The future generation has the best knowledge of the latest tech so if you are connected with them, they will not just keep you updated but they also enhance your creativity by a great deal and they will be a great source of inspiration.


You might be feeling that I’m cutting this article short but what’s the point in words that don’t have a meaning… the base is just to have the fundamentals correct and socializing in a way to be regularly updated with latest happenings. Of course I don’t have to write down the routine things such as reading tech blogs, that you already know.
See you next Saturday.

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