You don’t have to browse through a large number of pre-made layouts to begin to appreciate the powerful design features they bring to the table; not the least of which is their use as idea-generating and brainstorming tools. These layouts are not simply examples of web page layouts. There is much more to them than that. As you begin to work with them, you will see they represent concepts you can build upon to produce high quality web pages and posts.

When you upload one of these layouts and begin editing, ideas suddenly spring to life. In fact, your very good ideas may at time be replaced with even better ones, since you will have the ability to make quick changes, and try different design approaches.

A Sampling of Pre-made Layouts

The layouts pictured here are just a sampling of those that are readily available. Having a large selection to browse through and select from will greatly enhance your ability to get a project off to a quick start. Finding a layout that is close to an idea you have in mind is seldom difficult, but you can in fact do almost anything with any layout when you have the right tools at your disposal. Once you have begun working with a pre-made layout, you will quickly begin to appreciate just how valuable it can be.

Pre-made layouts source: Be Theme, Themeforest top seller

Uploading one of these layouts can be accomplished with only a click or two, after which you will be ready to get down to work. The editing process is about as easy as can be, as you will shortly discover.

Installing and Editing a Be Theme Pre-made Layout

Take a minute to watch this one-minute video on how to install and edit one of the many pre-made layouts Be Theme provides, to see for yourself just how easy the process is.

Not only are the installation and edit procedures quick to learn, and easy to follow, but the same can be said about Be Theme’s other operational features as well.

Once you have begun working with one of this WordPress theme’s more than 100 pre-made layouts, you will soon find yourself creating page after page quickly and effortlessly, a few clicks at a time. Tedious tasks, such as those often associated with paying fine attention to detail, can be performed with relative ease. Once you have started, you may find yourself in a rhythm, and reluctant to stop, but working with Be Theme is like that.

One of Be Theme’s clients.

Find out what World Class Support is all About

Many of the authors of WordPress themes provide good support, but this is not necessarily true of all of them, and very few offer what could be considered to be truly world class support. When you select Be Theme as your responsive WordPress theme of choice, you will find the support provided to you to be truly exceptional. Questions you have, or issues you are faced with, will be promptly dealt with, either on the spot, or in a short amount of time. The support staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and unfailingly prompt, time after time and 24/7.

The images below are taken from Be Theme’s Themeforest discussion page.

Be Theme’s Core Features

The following short list of core features will give you an idea as to what this premium WordPress theme has to offer. It is not an easy task to list a few features and leave others out, but you are encouraged to look further into Be Theme, and see for yourself how feature rich this theme is. Topping the list is this theme’s most defining feature of all, the more than 100 pre-made layouts, far more than any of the other responsive WordPress themes have to offer. Once you have settled on a layout, it can be installed with a single click and you are ready to begin editing and putting into play the many other core features Be Theme offers.

You will find the features listed here to be extremely useful, and more often than not essential, in putting your creativity to work. Together, they add tremendous adaptability and flexibility to the layout you have selected for your design baseline.

One of Be Theme’s clients.

  • Muffin Builder – This drag and drop page builder requires no coding skills, although coding or the use of shortcodes is always an option. Muffin Builder comes with a number of useful features of its own, in addition to those Be Theme provides, making it possible to create virtually any type of page or post with relative ease. You will find this page builder is exactly what you need when more complicated pages, such as those often associated with eCommmerce websites, have to be created.
  • Admin Panel – The Admin Panel is Be Theme’s operations central. You will find it to be an exceptionally useful feature in that it enables you to customize a page in any way you choose in a systematic and controlled fashion. You will never lose your place and have to backtrack, and like Muffin Builder, the Admin Panel allows you to create a page, or a website, without the need to use a single line of code.
  • Layouts Configurator – The Layouts Configurator is a feature that enables you to add elements of uniqueness and spice to your webpages. It functions to create pages that are different in overall appearance, as opposed to cookie-cutter pages that have been constructed from a standard template. This is a feature that you can use to let your creative genius show!
  • Ready for Anything – Be Theme is Responsive and Retina Ready, SEO and WooCommerce Ready, and WPML and RTL Ready as well. It is cross-browser and multi-platform compatible, and it has been optimized for speed in operation. It short, Be Theme is characterized by everything you expect to find in a premium theme.

Other core features, and there are many more than have been mentioned here, are certainly worth looking into, including such items as unlimited color pickers, custom backgrounds, and automatic and lifetime updates. Be Theme’s World Class support is also worth mentioning, one more time, as this is a feature that at one time or another, you may find quite useful.


Make it a point to explore Be Theme’s features further, and make a special effort to browse this theme’s library of pre-made layouts. You will be impressed, and you may find yourself wishing you had looked into Be Theme and its possibilities at an earlier time in your website development activities. On the other hand, if you are just starting out as a freelance website developer, this premium theme will be exactly the right one for you.

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