These free HTML based mobile app frameworks allow web designers and programmers to create hybrid mobile web apps. The apps that are device independent, which means that they display perfectly well on all devices and operating systems.

This is the year when mobile devices have surpassed the sale compared to desktop computers and laptops. What it meant for us designers and programmers that we must design apps work perfectly across devices and operating systems. That was a tough task but then we came up with responsive web design.

We learned that instead of creating separate apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and all the other mobile operating systems that are in the market or that are still to be launched, we can just make hybrid apps using HTML5 and they will work fine across devices.

This idea is now revolutionizing the web. So today, we present you the frameworks that create hybrid mobile apps.

Free Mobile App Frameworks


This is not really a renowned framework because it hasn’t been in the market for long but it is one of my favorite ones. This is an HTML5 touch framework that allows you to create truly cross-device web apps. It works as a great HTML5 mobile website framework.

I loved the live demo they have on their homepage. You can check it out. It’s really smooth.



Ionic is one of the web designers’ most favorite SDK (software development kit) when it comes to developing hybrid mobile apps.

Mind you, Ionic does being lots additional stuff so it is a little heavier that you’d like.

Ionic Mobile App Development Framework

Framework 7

Quite honestly, this is not one of my favorite frameworks. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like so much red on a website, or maybe it is because it is too power-packed. The additional stuff makes the framework heavy.

I usually like specialist frameworks, the ones who are exceptionally good at doing one thing but not designed do everything at an okay level. Still, thanks to its huge list of features and an absolutely gorgeous UI, Framework 7 is being added in the list.

Framework 7


App.js is one of the designers’ most favorite HTML based mobile app framework because it contains no additional stuff. It is the an incredibly simple and incredibly lightweight app framework.

Another good thing about App.js is that it uses Chromium at the core so you get latest HTML 5 APIs working.


The M Project

This is probably the newest framework on the internet. I have never used it and haven’t found much info about it either but their website looks intuiting enough to add it in the list.

You can check out the KitchenSink demo for complete look.


Intel XDK

Yes, Intel has made developer tools, and pretty good ones. I have heard really great things about them (haven’t used them myself though).

What I learned about them is that they work brilliant but their UI is not up to the mark, and interface also doesn’t look as cool as we would like. But there is no compromise on efficiency.

Intel XDK


If you are into mobile app development, you must have heard about PhoneGap, the app development software from Adobe. PhoneGap is based on Cordova but unlike PhoneGap, Cordova is owned by Apache and it is open source.

If you wanna make it big in mobile app development, you must use Cordova. You can use it with KnockOut.js, Angular.js and of course, jQuery Mobile.


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Andrew Smith has written comparison of HTML5 mobile app frameworks which I found pretty useful for beginners. If you are a beginning developer, do check it out.

1 Premium Resource

Sencha Touch

The tool is commonly known just by the name “Touch” among web designers. This one is probably the best framework for mobile web application development since, this one of the most famous ones for sure.

Sencha Touch can create native UI widgets, animations, adaptive layouts, mobile-friendly charts and a lot more. But since it is a paid resource, I have placed it in the end. I didn’t want to leave this one out.


If you know of any free mobile app development framework that I have missed, please add it in the comments section below.

Also, any comment of yours will make my day. Your feedback fuels me for doing more work. I’m waiting.

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