We all know that humans stand on the top of evolutionary chain here on Earth. It has happened thanks to intelligence, and should we not have one, ruthless hunters from the wild would replace us very quickly.

A cheetah, a lion, a tiger… there are tens of natural “population regulators” and you will now witness how animals rule the vast spaces of jungles and admire their merciless strength, agility and… beauty.

No animal has killer instinct as vigilant as cats. But they can also be extremely cute. If you want to see some cute cats, please check out this post.

Red-Shouldered Hawk Hunting Water Snake

Awesome Hunting

The lion is ready to hunting

Running Cheetah for Hunt

Photography of running Cheetah

A Lion Hunting

Wonderful Scene Of Lion Running

Tiger Hunting the Deer

Marvelous Attack

Run for the Hunt

Great Scene

Great Eagle Is Flying For The Hunt

What a Take Off Eagle

Black Tailed Rattlesnake

Great hunt

Africa – The Guard – Cheetah

Monitoring his Hunt

A Chance to Hunt

A Chance to Hunt Great hunt by Bear

Cheetah Chasing

Great Chasing

Cheetah Print Samburu

Great photo of hunting

The Chasing

Lion Is Chasing

Cheetah with Thomson Gazelle

Grab from The Neck


The Last Drop

the last Drop of little Fish

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