Double exposure photography is a the name of a photographic technique where the photographer gives two (or more) exposures in the camera. This kind of images used to be created with the help of Photoshop but now photographers have found a way to create the effect in-camera. And the results are just amazing.

What happens is that the photographer i.e. you expose the camera to one landscape, but instead of completing that picture, you superimpose another landscapes on the previously given exposure. So the first exposure becomes the carrier and the second exposure fills the carrier with the new image. Confused? Just take a look at the images, you won’t be.

Even though Designzzz is primarily a web design blog but we do share a bit of photography here and there. Today, when I saw examples of double exposure photography, I had no choice but to share this amazing spectacle with you.

But before we go on the pictures, here’s a reminder. There’s a video tutorial and some related reads in the end for taking such pictures yourself.

When I saw this double exposure photography, I had no choice but to go and try it myself so I checked out tutorials and articles on this thing. It was only when I had learned everything, I realized that my camera broken. I’ll be trying it in a few days but with the help of the video tutorial, you can try it today.

Double Exposure Portraits

Silhouette Portrait

The amazing artistic photography is done by Andre de Freitas.

Silhouette Portrait

The Open Mind

This is one of my favorite images in this list.

Open Minded

Three Women Three Stories

Aneta Ivanova is a master of double exposure photography.

Double Exposure Photography by Aneta Ivanova

Dan Mountford

It’s not only girls who can create artistic double exposures. Dan Mountford is the guy contesting for the crown of best double exposure photographer.

Dan Mountford

I’m a girl

This is another click by Dan Mountford.

I'm a girl

Destiny in Own Hands

Brandon Kidwell has made a tutorial for creating artistic photography.

Double Exposure Portrait

Find Your Mind

Brendon Kidwell made all these photographs for a photography series called wisdom for my children.

Find your mind

The Child

This is a photograph by the tumblr world traveler Luke Gram.

The Child

The Side Face

Russian photographer/artist Roman Avram created this absolutely magnificent piece.

by Roman Avram

Face Plant

The photographer used the multiple exposure function on his Canon 6D.

Face Plant

Cherry Face

This is an example picture of a tutorial for creating silhouetted portraits. The author of this well written tutorial is Sara K. Bryne.
She exposed for 1/1000 sec at f/1.8, ISO 100, and the cherry blossom fill for 1/320 sec at f/8, ISO 100.

Cherry tree

The Colorful Princess

This is another photographic artwork by Andre de Freitas.

The Colors

Can’t Hide

This is another tutorial, mind you this is a pretty good tutorial for learning double exposure photography.

Cant Hide


This is an exemplary double exposure photo by Gavin Rudy.

Double Exposure Photography

Other Double Exposure Photography Examples

London Eye

London’s famous landmark in double exposure.

London Eye

City Silhouette

This is a photography series by Jasper James.

Jasper James City Silhouette


A classic level photograph by Andrea Cisneros.



Russian photographer Dennis Baburov simplifies double exposures.


The Surfer

This is an example of overexposed double exposure photo by Steve Corey.


Multiple Exposure Photography

Even though this post was about double exposure photography,I wanted to show you an example of multiple exposure photography, so here it goes.

Multiple Exposure Photography

Double Exposure Photography Tutorial

I was strangely surprised to know that multiple exposure photography is not that hard thing to pull of. Here’s the tutorial. This video is also by Sara K. Bryne.

That’s all the photography I had for you today. Wish you all the best in your double exposure photography.

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