Adobe InDesign tutorials are a brilliant resource for designers working in print media.

InDesign is a software that never really achieved the status of Photoshop or Dreamweaver. You know, the status of industry’s biggest name.

But nonetheless, it is a tremendous and probably the best solution when it comes to designing magazine covers, brochures, posters, POS (point-of-sale) material and such print media items.

InDesign tutorials guide to design all these things I mentioned, and a lot more.

You can also take a  look at these illustrator tutorials and photoshop tutorials, these are awesome collections as well.

InDesign Tutorials

Create a newsprint magazine

Magazines and journals have been the premier clients of Adobe InDesign for ages.

newprint magazine cover designing

Master InDesign’s Page tool

One of the InDesign’s most impressive, yet complicated tools is the Page Tool. This tutorial makes you fluent is using that tool.

inDesign page tools tutorials

Spot Color: From Photoshop to InDesign

Tonal fixes are required for printing photos. These fixes are made in Photoshop and then the photos are imported to InDesign. This tutorial guides how you can do all that.

spot color indesign

Using Story Editor in InDesign CS5

Story editor is the tool that you use when working with a huge amount of text. This InDesign tutorial gets you through that tool.

story editor in adobe indesign

How to Create a Music Magazine Cover in InDesign

Movie posters and flyers are being made in InDesign since it came in to existence.

music cover in adobe indesign

Speed up your InDesign layouts

Creating a layout is the most difficult part of design. This tutorial guides for you creating layouts.

Boost your designing speed

Beauty Magazine Cover Design in InDesign

This InDesign tutorial also covers one of the most popular niche, which is designing magazine covers.

parlour magazine cover

Brochure design re-imagined

Designing brochures is one of the most basic uses of InDesign. This tutorial guides through some of the basic techniques of designing brochures in InDesign.

brochure design reimagined

Adding Movies and Sounds to InDesign PDFs

This is a very cool feature in Adobe InDesign. You not only can make PDFs but you can even add media to them.

indesign tutorials beginners

Working with Text Wrap and Fit Content Options in Adobe InDesign

If you work with OpenOffice Editor, Microsoft Word or any of such word processors, you’d know what text wrapping is. This InDesign tutorial describes the same functions but in InDesign.

text warp in adobe indesign

Dot-Dash Stroke in InDesign CS6

This tutorial guides for making unique strokes. We’ve made a similar tutorial for Photoshop.

dash lines in design cs6

An Elegant Looking Resume With InDesign

Usually, we don’t make resumes in InDesign, but you can make your resumes in here. This tutorial shows how you can do that.

design an elegant resume

How to Create a Book Cover and Mock Up in Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is very powerful in creating mock-ups. This InDesign tutorial is one example.

useful articles for designers

10 Tips for InDesign CS5

This is an InDesign tutorial for beginners.

10 useful tips for indesign

Create Multiple Frames with One Image in Adobe InDesign

Magazines often require this effect. They give you one wide lens image and you can create such impressive center-spread in a magazine.

multiple frames one picture

Alternate Layouts With the Same Content

This is the automated way of creating alternative layouts. Screenshots tells everything.

alternate layout designing

Create an Iron Cross Self-Mailer Template Using InDesign

Here, you can learn to design out of the ordinary cuts to create unique folding effects. Such InDesign tutorials are helpful in designing print media publicity material.

self mailer in adobe indesign

Creating a Movie Magazine Cover Using InDesign

Just like the party poster tutorial we checked above, this is an InDesign tutorial for learning to design movie posters. Same kind of techniques are applied.

movie poster creating indesign

Create animated layouts

Did you know InDesign is good with animations as well?

animation tutorials

Quickly duplicate content in InDesign CS6

Copy paste is good but that’s not the choice of professionals.
This is one of the InDesign tutorials that enable beginners to lift themselves to professional level.

basic of adobe indesign

Column-grid poster design made neat and easy

If you work with newspapers or any kind of periodicals, you MUST learn the art of working grids and column based layouts.

creative grid base posters

Create an impactful slab-serif poster

Do you know what slab text is? This is a technique used a lot in newspapers. Check out this InDesign tutorial to learn about slabbed text.

typographic poster designing

Create striking images using InDesign’s blending modes

I like this InDesign tutorial. For creating such effects I usually use Photoshop but this guy has done it InDesign.

using images in adobe indesign

Create a calendar in InDesign

Learn to design calendars in InDesign.

careaing calendar indesign

Create clipping paths in InDesign the easy way

If you work Adobe Illustrator, you’d know what clipping paths are.
The tip I have for beginners is that working with paths may seem a little boring at the start, but it very important to be able to work with them. So you must learn to cope with them.

crating clipping path in adobe indesign

Work with type in InDesign

This is one of the basic level InDesign tutorials. It describes working with Type Tool.

work with type

Live Captions in InDesign CS5

Adding captions to images has never been easier.

using live caption in adobe indesign cs5

3D calendar with InDesign

We did check a calendar design tutorial above. This is for designing a 3D printed calendar.

3d calendars in adobe indesign

Using Illustrator Gradients in Adobe InDesign

Gradients maybe out of web design but in print media, they have asserted their rule for good.

illustrator gradients in design

Design a Print-ready Ad in Adobe InDesign

This is a commercial poster design tutorial for InDesign.

print ready poster in design

Create a pop-up promo card

Such pop-up cards do cost a little extra in printing, but they do have their impact.

pop up art

Create a Coupon in InDesign

Printing coupons in newspapers and magazines is a trend. Here you can learn how you can do that easily.

designing soupon in design

Create Numbered Tickets the Easy Way in InDesign

Designing tickets is not a common task that we designers perform, but when we have to design, we should do it like this.

numbered tickets in indesign

Business Cards in Adobe InDesign

Business cards can be designed using many software, InDesign is one of them.

funky business card in indesign

Creating an Interactive Portfolio with InDesign

This is a web like portfolio but I feel it is designed to make PDF portfolio.

interactive portfolio design

How to Create a Flag Graphic with Type in InDesign

This must be the flag of a ghost ship.

making wavy text in adobe indesign

Using Camera Raw Smart Objects in InDesign

This is one of those InDesign tutorials that cover one part Photoshop and one part InDesign.

using camera raw in in design

Create Photo Albums for Print with InDesign

I prefer specialist design software like Photoshop to make photo albums, but InDesign isn’t bad either.

creating photo album in adobe in design

Cutting Corners in InDesign CS5

This video covers a command being presented in version CS5. Such InDesign tutorials enhance your efficiency.

cutting corners in adobe in-design

Invitation Design in Adobe InDesign

My boss recently got married. I had the job to design his invitations. This started my design inspiration from this tutorial.
Even though my final result was not even close this tutorial but still, it did help.

invitation card designing

Span Columns in InDesign

Once again, this is one of the tutorials that guide about working with columned layouts or newspapers and magazines.

type tools in adobe in design

Adobe InDesign Do The Math For You

Do you like math? Nor do I!
But sometimes, you might have to use math computations for size and position.

adobe indesign math

Liquid Layout and Alternate Layout Features in InDesign CS6

We have covered a liquid layout or alternate layout tutorial. This is another one

liquid layout indesign

Using Mini Bridge with InDesign CS5

Mini-bridge makes it easy when you are working with medium to large scale projects.

using bridge in tuts

Anchoring Objects in InDesign CS5.5

Anchoring is a technique you should learn if you work with loads of text.

objects anchoring

We also have a great list of tools/softwares which are alternatives to inDesign.

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