Industrial Design: Creating a Bottle for Beverage/Deodorant in Photoshop

This is the first of it’s kind tutorial on Designzzz. This is the first time I’m making something for industrial designing.

We’re making a bottle design which can be used for any beverage, deodorant, perfume or many other kinds of things which come in a bottle.

This is the first of its kind photoshop tutorial here, I did not go deep down into the minor details, kept it short and easy.
If you like it, please don’t forget the feedback in the comments section.

This is what we are making. If you have any trouble with any of the steps, don’t hesitate to launch a comment. Now let’s begin.

Final Result

types of colors

Ground Work

They say first step is always the hardest, it’s not in the case of Photoshop. Just open a new blank file, make two layers. Fill the bottom one with solid white color, and the top one with gray color (color code in the image below). Now select the Eraser Tool.

designing an element in adobe photoshop cs5

Using soft brush (zero hardness), 900px wide, create a single stroke on the image. This should create the following result.

playing gradients in adobe photoshop tutorials


Now create a shape using Rounded Rectangular Tool of 25px Radius.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5

Then go to Edit>Transform>Perspective and then drag it from the bottom left or right corner then we got the following result.

latest and fresh tutorials of adobe photoshop

Then Right Click on the layer and set the blending option and then Gradient Overlay and adjust these color in the color pallete as it is described below.

designing high resolution elements in adobe photoshop

These are the rest of the settings. Blend Mode should be on Normal.

making a bottle in adobe photooshop

Here’s our cap.

how to apply gradients in adobe photoshop


Once again, select Rounded Rectangular tool and make the bottle shape like I have in the screenshot below.

making an element in adobe photoshop from scratch

Now we’re styling the bottle.

famous tutorials for designers of adobe photoshop

Rest of the settings, again blend mode should be on Normal.

2012 october tutorials of adobe photoshop

Filling the Gap

As you can see, there’s a little bit of gap between the cap and the bottle. We’re filling that with a gradient. Result will be impressive. Select the Rectangle Tool, draw a shape in the middle of cap and bottle, and set layer style to Gradient Overlay. At the moment, we’re drawing a big box which obviously a lot bigger than the gap. Don’t worry about that.

fresh tutorials of adobe photoshop

Create another shape (see in the image below) and place this properly in the gap. Then arrange this layer below the layer we created above (filled with gradient). Now right click on the layer and click on Create Clipping Mask. After this, the shape will start showing the gradient filled in the previous layer.

best tutorials of adobe photoshop in 2012

Adding Styles

Create a new layer and fill it with gray color. This layer should be placed on top of all other layers. Now go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise.

adding noise in adobephotoshop cs5

Then go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur.

how to apply metallic effect on objects in adobe photoshop cs5

CTRL+CLick on the thumbnail of cap layer, this should give you a marquee selection of the size of the cap. Now click on the layer containing the noise, hit CTRL + X to cut the noise and paste it on a new layer. Repeat this step with the bottle layer as well.

making a realistic perfume bottle in adobe photoshop

Now adjust the opacity of both new noise layers. One for the cap and the other for the bottle. I used the opacity level of 28%, you can experiment.

adobe photoshop best tutorials

Add the Shine

Then make this selection layer and fill it with solid white color then set the opacity to 25%.

best photohsop tutorials in october 2012

Same thing on the bottle.

amazinig and best tutorials of adobe photoshop cs5

The Metallic Reflection

Create a new rectangle on the bottom, and copy the layer style from bottle body (the gradient).

best photoshop tutorials by waseem

On this new rectangle, I’m adding a Color Overlay as well. Notice that I’m using the overlay with only 34% opacity.

realistic tutorials by waseem of adobe photoshop

After color overlay, time for Drop Shadow.

best adobe photoshop tutorials

Here create a copy of the bottle layer,  rotate it 180° opacity to 56%.

best photoshop tutorials

Final Result

best photoshop tutorials of adobe photoshop


types of colors

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