The days are far gone when office clerks and accountants used to compile day to day data in files and folders and then save them in huge archives; when letters and horse riders had been the sources for sending messages from one place to another; when properties and sensitive places where protected with the help of guard dogs and when everything was done manually. The time we are living in is the time of information technology. Everything, from cooking food to traveling and from sending messages to manufacturing has turned to be digital. Everything we do and we see happening around us is controlled with computers and electronic chips.

These days, the importance and need of learning and using information technology systems and gadgets has increased manifold. No matter how highly educated and intelligent you are, you will deem to be duffer if you are not handy with IT things. Moreover, learning IT academically ensures promising careers in the long run.

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Currently, educational institutes across the globe are offering a great variety of information technology degrees some of which are as follows:

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Types of Information Technology Degrees

Choose your favorite type of information technology degree from below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Information Systems & Cyber Security:

The biggest challenges all businesses, government institutes and private organizations are facing these days is how to protect their databases and confidential information from cyber attacks. With rise in the strength and worth of IT systems, there have also sprouted some bugs and loopholes which professional hackers exploit to steal crucial information, manipulate bank accounts and break down networks. In this scenario, almost every medium to large scale organization employees a team of network administrators and cyber security experts. To meet this need of market, academicians have designed a professional degree in Information Systems & Cyber Security which is available in both bachelor as well as masters grades.

Data Communication Systems Technology:

Data holds key importance in the digital world. From a simple text message to some sophisticated web content, everything comes under the flag of data. In short, everything that travels in bits and bytes among computers, mobile phones, wireless devices and so on falls in the category of data.

Data Communication

With recent surge in telecommunication systems and high range connectivity services like 3G and 4G, there have been created a big space of engineers and specialists who can make, configure, install and manage data communication infrastructures; therefore, universities have started offering professional degrees in this field. By getting a bachelor or masters degree in Data Communication Systems Technology, you can easily manage to get a good job in market.

Software Engineering Technology:

Software has penetrated in everything bit of our life these days; be it cooking, traveling, dinning, communication, medical, security, manufacturing or management. It would not be wrong to say that this period of the human history is entirely defined with software. You cannot envision performing any sophisticated task without any specific software. Thus, the need for software development, configuration and maintenance has increased greatly and so the worth of software developers and engineers who hold professional degrees and experiences in this field. The significance of software engineering can be gauged with the fact that software houses are always hungry for hiring professionals while the availability ratio is low. This is the only profession in which no one can ever be jobless. So, earning a Software Engineering Technology degree can help you build up a strong career.

Web Development:

There is no denying the fact that websites of these days pose to be reliable and fast sources of making money. This has triggered the large-scale growth of websites over internet planet. Every second guy seems to be his/her own site and most of the sites are business oriented. Making money online is quite easy. What you need to do is to make a website, publish some authentic content over it, configure Google Adsense account with it and start earning (This is what we are doing). Thus, the business of web making is also growing rapidly and, in order to cater market needs, academic institutes are offering degree courses in web designing and web development.

Web Developer Meme

Of course, you will also be developing websites for clients. You can become a professional web developer, freelance or job-based, that’s your choice.

Graphic Design:

A web developer can do nothing unless he/she has well-designed graphics, themes, slides, images and logos and these all things are provided by web graphic designers. Thus, web designing is also a multi-million industry which employs hundreds of thousands of professional designers and animators. By getting an associate degree in Web Graphic Design, you can hope to have a good offer from market. Some organizations offer both web development and web designing courses in a single degree while most teach them separately. You can go for the option that suits you better.

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Multimedia Information Systems:

All platforms of information technology, be it mobile phones or tabs or computers, need content to perform their default functions. In fact, content is just like fuel for IT gadgets. The days are gone when content was only confided to text; this is the age of multimedia content which include audio, video, image, IVR and IVVR. For production multimedia content, IT organizations hire multimedia information specialists or content development experts and these are the people who hold graduate degrees in Multimedia Information Systems. This, this degree also holds great worth in the market.

Mobile Communications Technology:

Mobile phones of this era have gone far beyond a need and turned to be strong media of entertainment and advanced communication along with being the helping hands for day to day activities like cooking, traveling and learning. With the advent of mobile value added services, both in terms of software and hardware, the usage and worth of cellular devices have increased manifold and so the value of the professionals who hold professional graduate or masters degrees in mobile communication technology. This is the reason almost all major universities and colleges have started conducting both short courses and full-fledged degree programs for this. By getting a degree in mobile communications technology, you can hope to have a well-paid job quickly.

Did you know: a website that is displayed perfectly on desktops as well as mobile devices is called a Responsive Website.

SEO Solutions:

Since, there exists tough competition in the business of websites, the worth and demand of search engine optimization experts is always high. SEO itself has become a huge business and it is contributing millions to the web industry every year.

Search Results Meme

Since SEO is a full-fledge subject matter, IT institutes have developed separate degree programs for this and they are offering these courses at both graduation and masters levels. With a degree in SEO solutions in your hand, you can not only get god job but also a lot of freelance work to do.

Social Media Communications:

Social media has surpassed all means of communication developed so far for its being highly interactive, user friendly, full of entertainment and interesting. A piece of information shared on any social media forum like Tacebook or Twitter spreads like wild fire within seconds. Therefore, all organizations use social media to marketing their products and services and for this purpose, they need social media experts. There are some educational institutes which offer special degrees in social media communications. Initially, it was merely a course, but now, it has become a full-time degree program.

Ricky Gervais, the famous comedian described his experience of social media: “it’s like I have a laser pointer… I point it and 500 cats attack it”

Database Design & Development:

Each organization, be it small or large, needs a solid database system to manage its day to day activities. But designing, developing, configuring and deploying such database systems is a tough task that everybody cannot do. Keeping in view this market demand, some IT universities have started teaching a degree course in Database Design & Development and a lot of tech savvy students seem to be interested to get such degrees.

Web Application Development:

Applications are not confided to mobile phones and tabs only, but they also cover website side too. These days, owners of almost all big websites are hell-bent to have their web apps too. Other than this, IT experts and programmers need to have web applications to perform their regular tasks like data management and configurations and communication system development and management. Learning and making web apps is far difficult than developing mobile applications. But now, this all is easy if you manage to get a degree in Web Application Development.

E-Commerce Technologies:

Visiting shopping malls and services centers physically has become obsolete now. These days, all such things are done virtually by sitting in drawing room. Whatever you need, you can get at your doorstep by placing an order online.

Online Shopping eCard

This is what we call E-Commerce in IT. From E-Commerce giants like Amazon to a small community based website selling T-shirts, all are doing enough business. But this is not as simple as it seems, rather there involves keen effort of programmers behind E-Commerce websites and apps. There are available professional courses in E-Commerce Technologies that enable you to design and configure such systems anywhere your clients demand.

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Human Computer Interaction:

Computer has its own world, its own temperament and its own languages. In order to operate computer, interact with it and get required advantage out of it, human beings need to understand some specific sets of languages and codes. This is what universities teach in Human Computer Interaction degree course. To become a successful software engineer or network administrator, one needs to learn this course in any case.

Software Project Management:

Managing a project team in the environment of a software house is entirely a different thing and a MBA guy cannot be able to do it. For this purpose, software companies hire the people who have professional degrees in Software Project Management. Such people know well how to deal with clients, how to meet deadlines, how to handle programmers, how to solve bugs and how to develop more business. This is an international degree which can create a lot of good job opportunities for you.

Wireless Networks Management:

These days, everything has turned wireless, ranging from mobile phones to internet devices to digital cameras to external speakers. In order to develop wireless networks, configure them with hardware devices and then manage them, tech entrepreneurs always need the services of wireless network administrators and these are the people who hold degrees in Wireless Networks Management.

Digital Marketing:

With the rapid expansion of internet world, there seems to be a paradigm shift in advertisement and marketing trends. From typical means of broadcast and print media, people are now turning towards social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing and website marketing……these are the things we call digital marketing. Smelling the market need, educational institutes have also developed special courses in Digital Marketing.

Did you know: corporate houses spend 1/3 of their total budget solely on marketing activities.

Data Mining:

These days, large scale organizations store their day to day data over different cloud services, online portals and servers. The volume of data is so big that it is always hard to find and extract the information of need on time. In order to cope with this mess, such originations hire data miners who own bachelor or masters degrees in Data Mining. These professionals can easily bring out the information that is required.

Healthcare IT:

Information technology is being effectively used in every field with health sector being the prime beneficiary. To develop IT structures for health services, configure them with system and then manage the overall structure, there are required healthcare IT specialists. Therefore, universities and colleges are offering special degrees in this discipline as well.

Cloud Development:

Data and internet clouds have gained key importance in digital media. There are some specialist programmers who develop cloud applications with windows platforms and language frameworks.

Cloud Computing

Some IT universities of this time are offering degrees in Cloud Development in a bid to provide trained and skilled workforce to this sector of the market as well.

Web Analytics:

Like other businesses, websites also need regular audits and this practice is what we call web analytics. This also has become a full-fledged disciple of study and research these days. Since web analytics is done with the help of specific tools and techniques, the persons at the helm of such affairs need to have professional degrees in this discipline. Thus, it too holds great significance both at academic level as well as in IT market.

How to Get These Degrees:

There are available a number of IT institutions online, offering the above mentioned degrees. What you need to do is to get yourself enrolled virtually and enjoy the professional courses. Some credible online sources are:

Living in America, the best on-campus program you can get is from Harvard Extension School. See the link below.

And if you are looking for courses, not degrees, then you can try the following websites:

Apart from Udemy, most of the courses offered in the rest of the websites are always free.

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