Interviews with famous designers where they share secrets of their success.

They say ten minutes of chat with a wise person surpasses ten years of education. This statement may be exaggerated but it is definitely not incorrect.

Just as we learn from mistakes of others, we can learn a lot from the success of others. And the task becomes relatively easy when the successful is willing to share his secrets.

These celebrity designers are sharing their secrets for you. Now it is your duty to learn from them and turn yourself into a mighty success-story.

Inside the Mind of ThemeForest’s Top Selling Author

Kriesi once broke the record of most sales in a single month. ThemeForest’s CEO Collis tweeted: “Can you imagine earning 5 figures a month in your spare time?” That is a dream isn’t it? and Kriesi has lived that dream. How can you also manage that? Read it.

The highest earner at

Logo Design Tips & A Not-So-Ordinary Interview with Logo Designer, Jeff Fisher

Logo design is one of the highest paying niches of graphic design. And Jeff Fisher is a very very successful logo designer. He has designed logos for ESPN, Sony, Fujifilm, iSyndicate and many other giants of corporate world.
In this interview, they ask particular tips for logo design and secrets behind his success.

Jeff Fisher: The extremely talented and successful logo designer interview.


An Interview with Graphic Designer Fabio Sasso

The Brazilian design maestro is the creator of and the brain behind Zee design studio. Fabio Sasso is not just a designer but he is also a brilliant writer as well as a talented businessman. How did he become all this? This interview takes an account on that.

Fabio Sasso: the creator of abduzeedo and zee. His interview.

An Interview With Adelle Charles

Apart from being lovely, Adelle is the brain behind Fuel Your Creativity and Fuel Brand Group. She is known for commitment and finding that 25th hour for extra work. How does she manages all that. You can find out in this interview.

Adelle Charles: A very talented designer lady. Check out the interview.

Chatting With Chris Coyier

If you are a web designer, you must have visited CSS-Tricks plenty of times. Chris Coyier is the man who made all those CSS Tricks.


Interview with David Leggett of

There wouldn’t be a photoshopper who has never visited This is one of the most famous sites for Photoshop tutorials. Even I myself have learned a great deal from Tutorial9. David Leggett is the one who made Tutorial9 and made most of the tutorials there.

An interview with the creator of Graphic designer David Leggett.

Interview with Walter Apai of Webdesigner Depot

WebDesignerDepot is one of the most famous Webdesigner blogs out there. It is made by Walter Apai and he has made it one the biggest success stories in design blogging history. Learn how did he manage it.


The creator of Web Designer Depot

Interview With Steven Snell From Vandelay Design & and Vandelay Design, both are a very successful design blogs. Steven has made them successful. He tells how blogging is different from designing yet it is made for designers.

Workspace of Steven Snell, the creator of Vandelay Deisgn and

Workspace of Steven Snell

An Interview with Blogger & Designer Jad Limcaco

Jad Limcaco is the creator of the very famous design blog, Design Informer. I personally took a lot of help and inspiration from Design Informer. Of course, Jad doesn’t believe in ads but people like me have to place ads to keep the blog running.

Jad's Workspace.

Workspace of Jad Limcaco

Interview with Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design

Jacob Cass looks like an extremely tense guy (like me) but that is exactly opposite to what he actually is from the inside (again, like me). He is the man behind Just Creative Design, and also Logo of the Day and Logo Designer Blog.

Jacob Cass is the creator of Just Creative Design.

An Interview with Freelance Designer Danny Outlaw

Danny Outlaw is famous for his name and his blog named: Outlaw Design Blog. He is a full-time freelancer and that is something many of us want to be.

Danny outlaw is the creator of outlaw design blog.

Interview with Designer and Blogger Henry Jones

Henry is an excellent designer but his blog over-shadows everything else. His blog is Web Design Ledger. His blog is an inspiration for many because he makes blogging look incredibly easy.

Henry Jones is a graphic desginer and blogger at Web Design Ledger.

Interview With Jacob Gube, The Man Behind Six Revisions

I remember when I joined Designzzz, my boss told me that he expects me to write articles of the level of Six Revisions. For his class, Jacob hasn’t just inspired many but he is a highly respected name among bloggers and designers alike.

Jacob Gube is the man behind Six
Jacob Gube’s Workspace. Neat!

Interview with Chris Spooner

The Brit Chris Spooner is the guy next door to most of us. He is cheery, helpful and highly creative. An excellent designer, blogger and overall, a happy-go-lucky kinda guy.

Chris spooner is a british guy and blogger and spoongraphics.

Interview with Nick La

Who’s Nick La you ask? He is the creator of N.Design Studio, Design Jobs on the Wall, Web Designer WallBest Web Gallery and IconDock. That’s only until last time I checked… he might have started something else by now.

Nick La can do more work than a human can think of.

Interview with Johnson Koh from 10 Steps

There was a time when 10Steps stood head and shoulders above all the graphic design blogs. Even today 10Steps is a mighty popular site.

10 Steps

Interview with Founders of Envato Collis and Cyan

If you are a designer or blogger…. or both and you don’t know what Envato is, you’re just not doing it right!

This is a video interview with the creators of Envato network.

An interview with the creators of Envato.

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