Webydo recently released their latest upgrade – the NEW Webydo. What really helps it stand out from the crowd is, in one word: professionalism.

From the beginning, Webydo has introduced itself as a sophisticated platform for professional designers, rather than a simple option for the masses. With the NEW Webydo this is even more emphasized. In fact, there are quite a few changes to it, and today we’re taking a look at what’s new and good for you, your business and your clients.

We will be reviewing the new Webydo platform in terms on new infrastructure, appearance, usability and suitability for designers.

Upgraded infrastructure

Performance received a boost. This cloud-based service is stronger, more stable and more efficient than ever, allowing for smooth work without waiting time, bugs or any other interference. Over 170k designers worldwide use Webydo, and keeping that in mind makes this effective infrastructure even more impressive.

A Whole New Look

One thing that’s completely been remade is the UX and the UI. The New Webydo looks different and feels different than it used to, and something about it is really fresh and crisp. The interface is very well planned and brings forward all the most useful tools so they’re always just a quick click away. All in all it’s a product that’s clearly been made for designers, by designers.

Revamped Website

Webydo’s site itself, too, got a great make over thanks to the folks over at Hello Monday, the award-winning digital creative agency. It’s slick and clean and really makes you eager to work. The site uses a slick parallax animations, clean design… and a lot of use of white space. Was created using Webydo, of course.

The entire design process in one go – not only for prototyping

As we mentioned before, one of the great benefits of system like these is how you can skip breaking apart the process. You used to have to prototype here, design there, host in a third platform and so on. This is no longer true: Webydo’s variety of tools let you work out the whole thing, from rough sketch to perfectly responsive site, all in one place.

Sharp New Themes

Another great addition here is the new themes. Website themes have always been a strong suit for Webydo, and it’s nice to see they’ve not fallen through the cracks in the upgrade. You can choose from a huge variety including the new collection. All themes were designed by professionals and it shows. This is really useful because you can start with a good basis no matter what type of site you’re creating.

However, you can always choose to start designing your clients’ sites by starting from a blank canvas or by choosing Webydo’s Layouts option – so you’re never limited to the themes only.

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