Top Ten iPad Applications for Business

These are pretty cool iPad apps for business, but they are all free. Such apps are a great help to enhance productivity, all business users love them. Even if you are a designer, photographer, designer or any kind of professional, you should check these out.

iPad is an amazing device and used by a huge number of people and most of them are business and jobs related people.

Here you have some interesting and useful business software for iPad ideally suited for people who are still on the job.

iPad Applications:

iPad applications, usually shortened as “iPad apps” are a enhance the utility of your device a great extent.

Air Sharing HD

The most powerful way to view your documents on the go.

Air Sharing HD Ipad Applications for business

Text Plus

Free AND unlimited messaging – 1-to-1 convos OR one-to-many, and it’s the ONLY app with Social Communities. Join a Community conversation – there are bazillions of Communities in textPlus with people talking about everything, right NOW!

text plus Ipad Business App

Web Ex

Attend WebEx meetings on your iPad, wherever you are! Use this application to get the full meeting experience with simultaneous data and audio. Don’t just listen in to a meeting. Join in.

web ex Ipad Business App

Drop Box

Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers.

drop box Ipad Business App

Desktop Connect

A MUST HAVE FOR THE IPAD and IPHONE! Instantly connect to any computer from anywhere in the world!

Desktop Connect Ipad Business App

Office2 HD

With Office2 HD you can view, create and edit Word (DOC) and Excel (XLS) files on your iPad.

office 2 hd Ipad Business App

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.

dragon dictation Ipad Business App

Roambi Visualizer

Roambi interactive mobile dashboards let you tap, turn and swipe to analyze and share your company’s latest information on any iPhone or iPad – keeping you connected to your business, anytime and anywhere.

roambi visualizer Ipad Business App

Flight Track

The best flight tracking app out there! Beautiful maps and real-time updates.

flight track Ipad Business App

Ftp On The Go Pro

An FTP client for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. View and edit HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/ASP, or other files on your server with its built in editor to change your website from anywhere. View images and documents (JPG, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc) too.

ftp on the go pro Ipad Business App

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