Whether you are designing a business website or portfolio one… or maybe just a family or community website. They all have loads of photos to share with their visitors. And the best way to share those photos is through a jQuery image gallery plugin.

Today I have collected some of my favourite jQuery image gallery plugins that will help you to create impressive photo galleries quickly and effortlessly.

This collection contains photo gallery plugins and well as tutorials plus plugins. So there’s a lot of learning material here that should be very useful for beginning and intermediate level web designers.

jQuery Image Gallery

Most of these tutorials work with the combination of CSS-jQuery and this fact makes it interesting for designers as well.

Most of the tutorials here do not need very advanced skills so you should give it a try even if you are new to development.

How To Create Circular Image Galleries With jQuery

This is a tutorial cum plugin for creating stylish jQuery image galleries.

tutorial and plugin download

Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin
This is a corporate style image gallery made with jQuery. I feel this is ideal for news and media websites.

Responsive Image Gallery

Rotating Image Slider with jQuery

An excellent jQuery image gallery for portfolios.

jQuery JavaScript tutorial

Making a Really Cool jQuery Gallery

This gallery scans a folder on your web server for pictures, then it generates a new gallery preview each time it is loaded. All the images in the folder become part of this gallery.

Tutorial and Download

Slider Gallery with jQuery

This is a pretty awesome jQuery image gallery. Any kind of photographer would love this kind of gallery on his portfolio.

JS jQuery tutorial

Grid Navigation and Gallery

Simple, stylish, versatile and free. What else could a web designer want?

jQuery download

Classic JavaScript Gallery

The very basic kind of image gallery. If you have loads of data then this gallery might be suitable.

free download

Scroller Gallery

This is a uniquely designed gallery.

jQuery image album

Create Beautiful jQuery Slider Tutorial

This is a tutorial that guides you for creating a jQuery image gallery that can also be used as a classy image slider of photo album.

tutorial dreamcss


This was very popular jQuery gallery about a year ago, even today it has its worth.

Tutorial and download

New Great jQuery Photo Gallery – Skitter

This is a full-fledged photo gallery. You can also customize it to use as picture slideshow but actually it is a jQuery based image gallery. It contains 22 different effects.

photo tutorial

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

This is another one of those slider cum image gallery plugins.

jquery gallery tutorial

Create a Resizable Image Grid with jQuery

This jQuery plugin creates grid like image galleries. Here all images are scalable. You can stylize the gallery using the CSS of your choice.

JavaScript Tutorial

Creating Photo Gallery using jQuery and VisualLightBox

Create loads of jQuery image galleries with this tool.

jQuery Gallery Tutorial

Create an Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery)

Image rotator is not really a gallery but a plugin for showing featured content on a website. But still, in some cases, you might need an image gallery like this.

jQuery image tutorial

How to Create a Simple Slideshow using Mootools / jQuery

This is the simplest and oldest form of image gallery there is.

jquery mootools tutorial

How to Create a Simple iTunes-like Slider

Apple iTunes uses a cool slider. That slider can also be used as a gallery. This tutorial teaches how you can make a jQuery image slideshow just like at Apple iTunes.

jquery tutorial

Apple-style Slideshow Gallery With CSS

Apple creates the best designs. This tutorial will guide to you to make a jQuery image gallery just like Apple’s.

jquery tutorial and download

Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow

To be honest this is not an image gallery but a jQuery slideshow… but hey, potato – potahto, what’s the difference, right?

photo slideshow jquery tutorial

Build a Carousel with JavaScript from Scratch (Video Tutorial)

Learn to make a flash-like carousal… but of course, without flash. We have jQuery!

jquery tutorial

jQuery Slider Shock
You can use this jQuery image gallery as a slideshow or featured area slider on any website.

Slider Shock

Moleskine Notebook Booklet

Flipping book style photo album made with jQuery.

Free Plugin


Basically a tutorial, you can get the source. Simple, stylish yet simple and minimalist. This is as good as it gets.

carausel viewer jquery


This tutorial guides for creating a very impressing jquery image gallery.

Slider Gallery

Polaroid Photobar Gallery

This is a tutorial for creating a jQuery based image gallery. You roll your mouse pointer to the thumbnails, they pop out.

Polaroid Photobar Gallery

That’s all the image galleries we had for you today.
Don’t forget to check out our collection of free jQuery navigation bar plugins.

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