This is a collection of 12 free jQuery mobile themes (also called jQuery mobile templates) and 28 premium templates.

The continuously evolving nature of mobile technology has made it feasible for us to fetch all the desired information with a simple swipe of our finger. jQuery Mobile is one of the stunning frameworks used for developing websites that look rich and function efficiently on a wide range of mobile devices with varying screen sizes and dimensions. A large group of mobile app development companies has utilized and appreciated the jQuery Mobile framework and the remarkable collection of themes/templates available with the same.

In this year 2015, if you also want to dig deeper into the concept of website development using jQuery Mobile framework, then have a look at these 40 scintillating jQuery Mobile templates that will add zing to your entire experience of developing eye-catchy and fully-functional websites.

I’ve segregated this post into two categories viz: free jQuery mobile themes and premium jQuery mobile themes. So, we’ll take a look at both types of themes one by one.

Note: These templates are also called jQuery mobile themes.

Free jQuery Mobile Themes and Templates

This is a dozen of free templates for mobile. We will check out 28 premium templates in the next section, but I thought we should start with the free ones.

1. Mobile Portfolio Site template

This is a jQuery Mobile template that allows you to create a basic Mobile Portfolio website that comprises of portfolio image gallery, a personal biography and a flawless contact form.

Mobile Portfolio Site template

2. Mobius

Mobius is a free, W3C validated, widget-ready WordPress theme that comprises of jQuery scripting. Additional features available with this template include: 3 different skins, optional Twitter and Facebook icons, hand-made, table-less, SEO, mobile-friendly markup and CSS.


3. Native Droid

Inspired by the native HOLO-style on Android devices, Native Droid is a jQuery mobile template that is available with 19 color presets. Equipped with innovative styles of forms, buttons, Listviews, tablets and many more, Native Droid is a template that works equally well for your private and commercial web projects.

Native Droid

4. BlackBerry theme

As a heavily customized theme for jQuery Mobile, BlackBerry theme is based on the BlackBerry operating system. Built for jQuery Mobile 1.1 version, this theme acts as a single swatch and doesn’t include multiple swatches.

BlackBerry Theme

5. jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme

As a theme especially focused on Flat UI(User Interface), jQuery Mobile Flat UI theme is quite easy to setup and configure. With its code easily available on GitHub, jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme bits adieu to the use of subtle textures, drop shadows in gradients available in clean layouts with sharp typography and solid colours.

jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme

6. Square-UI Theme

As a jQuery Mobile theme based on Square-UI, the Square-UI theme supports jQuery Mobile version 1.4.5. Just like the already discussed BlackBerry theme, this theme also doesn’t include multiple swatches but acts like a single swatch.

Square-UI Theme

7. iOS Theme

As an iOS inspired theme, the iOS theme comes with a settings pages that’s similar to the typical iOS settings page with only the difference of a striped background and white colored lists. This theme serves as the perfect match for your settings menu or dashboard-type interface.

iOS Theme

8. Metro Theme for WP 7.5

Metro Theme for WP 7.5 offers a Metro user interface for jQuery Mobile on the Windows Phone 7.5 version. Compatible with jQuery Mobile version 1.1, Metro Theme for WP 7.5 itself adds all the metro specific colors and fonts by default.

Metro Theme for WP 7.5

9. Bootstrap jQuery Mobile Theme

As a jQuery Mobile theme based on Bootstrap framework, the Bootstrap jQuery Mobile theme overrides the existing jQuery Mobile A-E swatches with styles and colors that are found in the very popular Bootstrap framework.

Bootstrap jQuery Mobile Theme

10. Android Holo-inspired theme

Having inspired by the color scheme, fonts and corners of Holo, the Android Holo-inspired theme comes with the Roboto fonts and can be conveniently ported to all the latest versions of jQuery Mobile.

Android Holo Inspired Theme

11. JQMobile WordPress Theme

JQMobile WordPress theme is a free mobile optimized WordPress theme that’s based on jQuery Mobile framework. Whether you’re looking for representing your blog in desktop or mobile browsers; this is a theme that will allow you to do the same efficiently.

JQMobile WordPress Theme

12. IPhonsta 1.1

Equipped with a fluid layout, iPhonsta 1.1 theme fits every screen and the font size gets configured in accordance to the screen dimensions. Free from all unnecessary components, iPhonsta 1.1 theme is a clean and fully functional WordPress theme based on jQuery Mobile.

iPhonsta 1.1

Premium jQuery Mobile Themes and Templates

These are 28 mobile themes or mobile templates. Prices of each template is mentioned at the end of the description.

1. Pocket Mobile Template

As a mobile-ready jQuery mobile template, Pocket Mobile template comes with some stunning features including 300+ retina icons, camera slideshow, clean code and documentation and many more. This easy-to-customize template is also rich in many effects and transitions. It is available at a marginal price of $12.

Pocket Mobile Template

2. Mobjectify

Mobjectify is yet another brilliant jQuery mobile template which makes it quite convenient for you to gt a quick mockup of your mobile-friendly website. Loaded with a good set of widgets, you can conveniently generate a prototype of your website within just a few minutes. Additionally, there is an integrated script editor which allows you to transform your designs into feature-rich applications. Mobjectify is available in two types of plans viz: Basic and Pro. While the Basic plan can be availed at a price of $7.00 USD/month, the Pro plan is available at a price of $23.00 USD/month.


3. Hotcake

Hotcake is a Mobile Business HTML Template that’s written in HTML5 and CSS3. With this template, you can gather the convenience of allowing your visitors know more about your business products and services. Some exciting features available with this template include: 6 different page types, sliding sidebar, quality code, fully customizable, high-resolution retina display icons, 5 color schemes and many more. HotCake template is available at an affordable price of $8.


4. Emdot

Built on jQuery Mobile framework, Emdot serves as the perfect solution for all your mobile website requirements. Loaded with tons of great features, Emdot can be conveniently customized to match your specific branding. Some of the best features included with Emdot are: Twitter Feed, 50+ Navigation icons, 20 social media icons, Add to Home iPhone/iPad Bubble, 12 themes and backgrounds, Contact form with validation etc. Emdot can be purchased by paying a price of $9.


5. Ocean Mobile Template

Ocean Mobile is yet another absolutely stunning jQuery Mobile template which is loaded with features including left side menu, support for iOS/Android/WP8, fully responsive, CSS animated charts, Google Map, shortcodes, flat design and many more. Ocean Mobile Template can be purchased at a price of $10.

Ocean Mobile Template

6. Breathe

As a remarkable HTML5 jQuery Mobile template, Breathe comes with some stunning features including 8 transition animations, Liquid Layout, easy-to-configure and working contact form, valid code, 5 new themes, 170+ bg textures, rich input type variants etc. Breathe Responsive HTML5 template is available at a price of $16.


7. iClean Theme

As a special theme amongst the collection of outstanding jQuery mobile themes, iClean Theme focuses on ease-to-use and serves as the best match if you own a jQuery Mobile website as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Features which make iClean Theme awesome include valid HTML and CSS, three different color variations, extremely fast, easy-to-customize and well documented. iClean Theme is available at an affordable price of $7.

iClean Theme

8. Storefront Mobile

Storefront Mobile is a commendable shopping cart template that’s written in pure HTML5 and CSS3. Backed by a clean source code, Storefront Mobile is a complete breeze for your e-commerce website. Storefront Mobile template is available at a reasonable price of $12.

Storefront Mobile

9. Nightly

As a bold jQuery Mobile template, Nightly runs on the latest jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 framework. Some noticeable features of Nightly include: 2 sidebars, 20+ HTML Pages and some pre-set and pre-coded HTML elements like buttons, forms, tables, alerts, dialogs, boxes etc. Nightly can be purchased at a price of $13.


10. Mobilize

As a touch-optimized mobile WordPress theme built on jQuery Mobile framework, Mobilize comes with excellent features including 24 transitions, social icons, optional captions, touch optimized responsive slider, contact form, features videos and images and tons of simple shortcodes. This well-documented jQuery Mobile WordPress theme is available at a price of $33.


11. Touch Mobile & Tablet Template

As an HTML and CSS3 Template specially built for mobile and tablet devices, Touch Mobile & Tablet template comes with a fluid design which adjusts itself to the size and orientation of the screen that it is being viewed on. Serving as the finest template for rendering a native app-like feel to your web pages, Touch Mobile & Tablet template comes with a huge collection of customizable HTML files and is available at a reasonable price of $8.

Touch Mobile & Tablet Template

12. Around

Around is a Mobile and Tablet responsive template that comes with a simple, easy-to-use and content first design. Features which make Around stand out from the crowd of jQuery mobile templates include CS3 8 Buttons with 400 retina ready icons, 48 icon lists, AJAX and PHP contact form with validation, jQuery tabs, jQuery Page Preloader, jQuery Colorbox Portfolio, jQuery Image Slider and many more. Around theme can be purchased by paying a marginal price of $10.


13. Moby elite

Written in HTML5, Moby Elite is a Mobile HTML5 Business template that comes with a clean and structured code which can be easily customized to suit your varying needs. Features available with Moby Elite include: Touch Flexi Slider, 5 color schemes, supports all major smartphones and tablets, PHP Contact form with AJAX and many more. Regular license for Moby Elite theme is available at a price of $6.

Moby elite

14. Esepina Mobile

As a full-featured HTML5, CSS3 Mobile template, Esepina Mobile supports a majority of smartphones available in the market. Features available with this template include: jQuery slider, 120+ column icons, 10 CSS3 buttons, jQuery Photogallery with slideshow etc. Available at an affordable price of $8.

Esepina Mobile

15. Chalis Mobile Retina

Chalis Mobile Retina is a beautiful jQuery mobile template that’s loaded with features including Page preloader, custom jQuery code, Touch Swipe image slider, Full retina support for multiple graphic elements, 40 icon lists, 800 icons, Photoswipe touch image gallery, AJAX/PHP Contact Form with validation etc. Chalis Mobile Retina is available at a price of $10.

Chalis Mobile Retina

16. Stroller

A Mobile and Tablet Responsive template, Stroller comes with truly amazing features including CSS3 Code structure, 48 icon lists, jQuery Submenus, jQuery tabs, jQuery Text Slider, jQuery Image Slider and more. Stroller template can be purchased at a price of $10.


17. Woody

Based on the jQuery Mobile framework, Woody is a HTML5 Template that has been completely optimized for all mobile devices. Features included with this template are: CSS3 styles, Google webfonts, Google maps, PhotoSwipe gallery, HTML theme and many more. Woody template can be purchased at a price of $7.


18. Smarty

As an impressive Mobile & Tablet Responsive template, Smarty has been specially designed for your business mobile website. Priced at an affordable rate of $10, Smarty comes with ready to use HTML pages and is fully customizable.


19. Product Promo

A clean and valid HTML/CSS website theme, Product Promo can work as the right match for varied websites belonging to different types of enterprises. Features available with this template include: 5 HTML/CSS pages, easy to navigate, SEO friendly HTML code, valid HTML/CSS, clear design, Enquiry page with Enquiry form tested and many more. Product Promo can be purchased at a price of $6.

Product Promo

20. Slideby

Slideby is a Mobile and Tablet responsive template which is loaded with some of the finest features including CSS3 Code structure, 48 icon lists, CSS3 AJAX, jQuery Submenus, jQuery Image Slider, jQuery Thumbnail Slider, Custom jQuery code, CSS3 Table, 4 Toggle Variations and more. Slideby is available at a regular license fee of $10.


21. MobileRush Liquid Mobile Site Template

A professional, touch optimized mobile website template, MobileRush has been specially designed for mobile devices including iPHone, Android and WP7. Main features of this template include: Searchable Thumbnail Lists, Video template, Working Twitter Feed, Filterable Thumbnail Lists, 6 different color themes, 5 pattern styles, Modal Window, Retina Optimized icons, PHP Form Validation and more. MobileRush Liquid Mobile Site Template is available at a price of $8.

MobileRush Liquid Mobile Site Template

22. My Personal Mobile Portfolio

As a retro style template, My Personal Mobile Portfolio is a fully functional WordPress version that comes loaded with 13 shortcodes and 3 different page templates. Other features include 2 Touch sliding gallery shortcodes, 3 page templates, Vimeo and YouTube shortcode, Easy to configure working contact form, valid code etc. My Personal Mobile Portfolio theme is available at a reasonable price of $12.

My Personal Mobile Portfolio

23. InMobile 2

Serving as a brilliant HTML5 Mobile template, InMobile 2 has been completely optimized for mobile and tablet usage. Features which make InMobile 2 special include two different color schemes, working contact form, two gallery types, profi support on email, slider implementation and more. InMobile 2 theme can be purchased at a price of $8.

InMobile 2

24. Shopey

As a complete mobile e-Commerce template, Shopey is perfect for your e-stores and portfolio websites. Easily adapatble to any mobile device, Shopey can run on any device with any screen size and orientation. Some of the prime features of Shopey include a working contact form, 6 different color schemes, valid HTML/CSS, HiDPI Ready, custom CSS framework and many more. Shopey template can be purchased at a price of $10.


25. The Palace Mobile and Tablet HTML Theme

Best suited for building hotel websites, The Palace Mobile and Tablet HTML Theme is thoroughly versatile and is equipped with stunning features including full retina display, Photoswipe gallery, Working Ajax/PHP reservation form with live validation 7 different color variations, 6 HTML5 Pages, clean and well-commented code, valid HTML5 & CSS3, Google map with itinerary and more. A price of $13 needs to be paid for purchasing The Palace Mobile and Tablet HTML Theme.

The Palace Mobile and Tablet HTML Theme

26. Photroller

Guaranteed to render a brilliant user experience, Photroller comes loaded with impressive jQuery features such as: custom jQuery code, jQuery tabs, jQuery 4 Toggle Variations, jQuery Big Notifications, jQuery Checkboxes, jQuery Radioboxes, jQuery Device detection, jQuery Tap sliding door and many more. Photroller can be purchased at a price of $10.


27. Sitebar

Yet another hard-to-miss Mobile and Tablet Responsive Template is Sitebar. Available at a marginal price of $10, Sitebar is full of features such as ergonomic navigation, 48 High definition list icons, iOS Homepage icon, jQuery Page Preloader, jQuery Tabs, jQuery Big Notifications, jQuery Device detection, jQuery Checkboxes, jQuery Image Slider, jQuery Qute Slider, jQuery Text Slider and many more. You need to pay a marginal sum of $10 for purchasing the Sitebar Mobile & Tablet Responsive template.


28. GoMobile

Available at a reasonable price of $12, GoMobile is the next generation mobile web app template. This simple, efficient and multi-purpose template comes packaged with some amazing features including multiple page elements, multiple navigation styles, well documented, responsive layout etc. $12 need to be paid for purchasing the GoMobile template.


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