Awesome jQuery Presentation Frameworks

Go a step ahead of slideshows and PowerPoint presentations, make jQuery based online presentations.

PowerPoint was the coolest software to use… but that was in the previous century. Today PowerPoint is just wondering about the reason for its existence.

This is the era of web. I remember in the 2000s, Flash presentations were becoming famous but then, just then jQuery hit the market and swept it. Since then onwards, jQuery slideshows have been the most impressive way to make slideshows. They offer much more functionality compared to other tools. You can customize them to look absolutely anything you want.

I should mention here that if you think jQuery presentations will only be something like slideshows…. you have no idea what jQuery can do.

jQuery can hold 3D graphics, unbelievable typography and all the other animation effects.
With HTML5 tags, you can create your work in almost WYSIWYG environment. You don’t need any extra software to create presentations, nor does the user (viewer) needs any particular software to view your presentation. Bye bye PowerPoint.

jQuery Presentation Frameworks

Of course, web based presentations do have their own drawbacks; you need coding skills and they are a little difficult to get on printed form. Then again, these drawbacks are nothing compared to the perks you get with amazing effects and transitions.


This jQuery plugin delivers superb quality results. It is keyboard friendly, very stylish, very responsive and of course, very modern.

Reveal.js is a brilliant jquery presentation framework.

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Does exactly, I repeat “exactly” as the name says. It is a highly customizable 3D powered typographically mastered absolutely stunning piece of jQuery. If you have basic knowledge of editing jQuery source and you are willing to spend some time on your presentation, you will never ever find a better solution for making jQuery presentations.
Notice: If you click the demo, make sure you watch it till the end.

Impress.js creates the most wowing online presentations.

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If you are looking for something stylishly simple, then this is the tool for you. Impress.js (the above one) seems as if you are trying to impress, Deck.js works in the reverse order. It impresses very silently, without creating much noise.

Deck.js is an excellent jquery presentation framework.

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Something Extra: Google Developer Tools

This is a presentation framework by Google. To be honest, this isn’t as impressive as the above three but it is from Google, so the quality of the code would by high.

Google Slides create online presentations.

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