These are some of the best free jQuery slideshow plugins you will find online.

jQuery is the best of web right now. It has kicked out flash from the web landscape and assumed power. So today I’ve decided to make a list of the best jQuery slideshow plugins and tutorials out there. These slideshows will help you add a ‘wow’ in your websites.

But it’s not just about the ‘wow’ factor, an image slider or slideshow can add a huge amount of functionality and interactivity to any website and probably this is the reason clients love this element so much.

I’ve briefly noted down my observations of these slideshows. Three of them are my favorites and I’ve marked them.
Here is also a huge list of jquery plugins you might like.

jQuery Slideshow Plugins

Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview
The thumbnail preview system is absolutely mesmerizing in this plugin.


jQuery Slider Shock
This website allows you to build a slideshow of your choice.

Photo Album

Conventional slider. Exactly the thing that comes to mind when we think of a photo slider.

uno slider

jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin
The good thing about this slider is that all thumbnails are visible all the time.

Thumbnail Gallery

Elastislide – A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin
This is a carousel, not a slideshow. Since the use is almost same, I’m adding carousels in this post.


Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin
This is more of a gallery but it works as a jquery slideshow as well.


This is one is my favorite. It is very elegant, stylish without being flashy.


Making a Mosaic Slideshow With jQuery & CSS
A simple yet stylish photo album.


Creating a Rotating Billboard System with jQuery and CSS 
The trendy rotating billboard comes to web slideshows.


Smooth Div Scroll
The typical slideshow which everyone loves.

Featured Slider

Supersized – Full screen background slideshow jQuery Plugin
Looks amazing on full-screen preview.

Full Screen Slideshohw

jQuery & WordPress Image Slider
This made to run smoothly of WordPress as well.

WordPress Image Slider

The typical web image slider.

Coin Slider

I don’t think this plugin suits all situations, check out the demo, you’ll know what I mean.


Slide Viewer
This one doesn’t has next/previous arrows! If you click on the left half, the slider rewinds and if you click on the right half, it moves forward…. cool?

slider Viewer

Text overlays are a plus-point.


Create a Simple iTunes-like Slider
Create a slider just like the one Apple iTunes’ site had in the past.


Factory Galleries
A very stylish plugin provided for free. Click the download icon for downloading.


jQuery Banner Rotator
A typical, conventional but still very useful slideshow.

Banner Rotator

Advanced Slider
Another one of my very favorites. Large size, all thumbnails and text overlays.


Presentation Cycle

jQuery Presentation Cycle

3D Rotation Viewer
This one is not really a slideshow, but it can be used as one. I loved the effect so I included it in the list.


Kenburner – jQuery Slider
This is another one of my very favorites. That’s because of a an animation effect. An slide never stays static here. Check out the demo for more details.


Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow Using jQuery
As simple you can get. Easy to handle so if you’re a beginner, start from here.

Slick Slideshow

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