Creating a Picturesque Landscape in Photoshop without Stock Photography

Today I was teaching my students the basics of designing a landscape. One of my students said:

“Sir, why don’t you make a tutorial of it?”

So here I am sharing the same tutorial with all of our readers at Designzzz.

This tutorial contains the foundation lecture of designing a landscape scene in Adobe Photoshop. The uniqueness of this tutorial is that we will NOT use any pre-made bitmaps such as stock photography. The entire scene is created using filters and brush strokes and some other techniques. Hopefully you’ll like it. Don’t forget to comment.

This is What we will be Making

Design Tutorial

Create new file with 1000 x 800 size and name it as you like. Press the OK button.


Now press F7 to activate the layers panel and double click on layer and click OK. This will unlock the layers and you will be able to move them around.

Photoshop Tip

Now from tool bar set background color to white and foreground color to blue as shown in the image below.

Photoshop Toolbar

You may see the color picker and its values from the image below.

Adobe Photoshop

Now go to Filter menu and select Render and the Clouds.

Photoshop Tutorial

This will create clouds for you like the ones you can see in the image. But this is a very flat image and not looking realistic. Lets give it a realistic look.

Photoshop Filters

First, scale it down to half are of the file by checking the transform check on.

Adobe Photoshop CommandsTuts

Hold down the CTRL button from your keyboard and with the move tool selected, move the right corner of the clouds image to right and left and left corner to the left. This will create a realistic perspective view.

Landscape Tutorial

Now create a new layer…

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

… and draw a box on this new layer.

Photoshop for Beginners

Now double click on this layer and select pattern overlay and choose grass pattern from the pattern list. If you don’t find the grass pattern, don’t worry you may click the small triangle option button on the right side and select nature patterns.

Textures in Photoshop

Now you will see your very first version of the ground grass. But its does not look real it seems that if the grass was growing on a wall. That’s not a problem though, let’s continue!

Creating Textures in Photoshop

Create another empty layer under the grass layer.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial and Tip

Now select the grass layer and right click on it and select “merge down”. This will cause the grass layer to merge with empty layer converting it in to a single raster file.

Landscape Designing Tutorial

Now repeat the same process as we did with the clouds layer. But now we will stretch out the bottom corners of the grass to right and left while holding the CTRL button.

Guide in Photoshop

Now it is time to make it more realistic. Select Blur toll from the tool bar.

Using Photoshop

Set the strength to 100%.

Photoshop Diffusion Techniques

You can increase the blur brush size by pressing square brackets ] (increase) [ (decrease).  Now by using the blur tool make the sharp edges blurred to create some depth of field.

Tutorial and Techniques

Select brush tool and brush type to Grass and size to 250.

Brushing in Photoshop

By using the brush create some grass like this.

Scene Designing Tutorial

We can also insert lens effects on the sky to make it look better. Click Filters- Render-Lens Flare

Photoshop Tutorial

Now see the image below and set all the parameters accordingly.

Photoshop Tutorial

Final Result

Design Tutorial

In the last I have added a stone, some leaves and some birds in the sky to make the scene more attractive. Heureka, you have created your own world and can spend hours dreaming what it would be like to live there – or just create another, that’s up to you.

I hope you liked it!

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