Landscape photography is a mixture of outdoor photography and nature photography. These are some amazing pictures of some of the most amazing places in the world.

The main difference between landscape photography and others is, that it focuses only on capturing the landscape, and nothing else and this means there’s not one main subject in the picture rather the whole is the subject. Everything has to be lit properly and and everything should be focused appropriately.

I was going to include some photography tips but it the topic is just too big, so we’ll be publishing a complete article about taking mesmerizing landscape pictures very soon, so stay tuned ūüôā

If you have any suggestion/comment for the upcoming article about landscape photography, please do use the comments section at the end of this post.

Landscape Photography

Mount Rainier, Washington

If you notice, the camera is on the ground. It is a very good idea to visualize the shot from a cat’s height.

landscape photography Mount Rainier, Washington

Landscapes 02 by Alexkcl

Made in China!

Green Landscapes Photo

Beauty in Norway

A bit of HDR, a bit of Long Exposure and abundance of beauty!

Beautiful Norway Landscapes

Snowdonia Landscapes No.6 by djoel

A typical landscape picture with water reflections.

Beautiful Snowdonia Landscape

Colors of sunrise by  lica20

Residing above the clouds!

Landscapes Bukovina, Romania

Dinosaur Ridge, Seoraksan National Park, South Korea!

Little country big in beauty.

Seoraksan National Park, South Korea! landscape

Autumn morning by lica20

Landscape photography at its very best.

autumn morning landscape

Rio de janeiro – Brazil

The art of HDR, without overdoing it.

Rio de janeiro - Brazil Landscape

The Alps scenery II by mutrus

There are Himalayas and there are Karakorams…. but then again, Alps are alps.

Alps Scenery Landscape

Desert Landscapes by Asem-A

Landscape photography of desert… with a silver lining.

desert landscape and sunrays

Green Landscapes by lopis94

Green below!

Forrest Covered Landscape

Pampa Desert Landscape by Markisphoto

This is more of a concept photo than landscape picture…. but I liked it so I added it.

pampa Desert Landscape

Landscapes china 6 by 0ooo0


China Landscape

Autumn Landscape by *lica20

Sometimes, it’s not the photographer, it’s the landscape itself.

Autumn Landscapes

Saxon Switzerland

It’s dry and it’s dusk….

saxon switzerland landscape

Bright by lica20

But the sun rises again, always!

Bright sun rays landscape

Landscapes 24 by Alexkcl

Mysteriousness is synonymous with beauty.

snowy mountains landscapes

Super Green Landscapes Photography

It’s green, there’s a lake, hills and clouds. And the place does exist!

Interlaken in Switzerland

 Snowdonia Landscapes No.5 by djoel

Just another landscape picture of countryside.

Another Snowdonia Landscape

Landscapes 12 by Alexkcl

Landscape photography can produce noise from time-to-time. You should know how to cope with it.

Beautiful Landscapes photography

Travel to Bukovina by lica20

Peace captured in landscape photography.

travel to bukovina

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