We all use laptops… and but how many of us have proper tables? And even if we do, how many of us use them daily? Well, I never do.
Probably it is so because I don’t find my table as an exciting object. Sometimes I feel like taking the laptop on the balcony, sometimes I use it in bed and so on. I’m sure most of you guys have similar stories.

So a few days ago, we published an image on our Facebook page and one of our fans pinged us to make a post. So today we fulfill that request.

Most of the tables we are featuring can bought online, and their prices are mentioned. However, sometimes we were unable to find the price so we skipped it on a couple of occasions.

To reach the source page of any of these tables, just click the image.

Oh, by the way, this is the image we posted on Facebook.

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Laptop Tables

Table with a twist

This is one of my favorite tables in the list. It is absolutely simple but very effective and ergonomically sound. Price was not mentioned on the source page.

Creative Laptop Table

Folding Table

This is a circular table that includes a seat. Easily fold-able and quite interesting to look and sit at. Price not given.

Round Folding Laptop Table

Laptop Master

Sometimes, you want your table to carry more than just a laptop. Costs $286.

Laptop Monster

Piano Lacquer

This is a true luxury class table. With leather finish and built-in speakers, this is a table to impress. Costs $1176.

Speaker Table

Side Table for Laptop

This is a pretty cool side table. You can use it for a laptop or anything else. $300 is the cost.

Nested Side Table

The Big Docking Station

There are docking stations are usually very minimal and space saving. And then there’s this.

Docking Station

Modern Sleek Round Table

If you wanna add a sleek modern look to your room/office, this table should be a good buy.

Round Side Table

His and Hers

This is another one of those two-table sets. Modern, sleek and minimal.

His and Hers

Arc Laptop Table

This table looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Arc Table for Laptops

Tandem and Stool

This is quite an interesting table. The tandem laptop carrier can be rotated which is pretty cool. However, this may not be the ideal choice if you want to work for hours and hours.

Tandem Table and Stool

Ultimate Adjustable Table

While the above one was not the ideal not for prolonged work, this next table is absolutely ideal. You can adjust it for your bed, couch, chair, stool etc. It is also efficient enough to let you work while you’re standing on the ground. This is one of my favorites in the list. Costs $1100.

FEDEX Multifunctional Foldable Laptop Table

Wheeling Wood

While we’re on the subject of unique tables, here’s another one. This is a pretty traditional style, but somehow it is also a bit unusual design. The price wasn’t mentioned but I feel you can build it yourself.

Portable Wood Table

Folding Table

Just like the above one, this table contains wheels. But this one goes a step further and it folds itself to a tiny size so it can be moved around easily.

Folding Table

Sleekest Table on Earth

To be honest I do not find this table quite useful, but I’d still like to buy it for the sheer pleasure of owning something like this one.
It is basically a chair with a laptop stand. It’s not a table really, but it looks cool so I added it.

Chair and Laptop Stand

The table that IS the laptop

And to end, we don’t have a table for laptop… we have have a table that is the laptop. Sony has made a coffee table that has a laptop built in it. Even though it costs a whopping $3000, and I do not find it very useful… look how cool it looks.


So which one is your favorite? Use the comments section below and let us know about your favorites from the list.

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