We all dress up for Halloween occasion, why not dress our computers as well? Today I got for you a cute… I mean scary little collection of Halloween wallpapers for your computers and mobile devices.

All you have to do to download the wallpapers, is click on the title/name of the desired wallpaper. Then you’ll reach the source site, you’ll easily spot a “download” button. If you have any ideas for a Halloween related post, send them to me through the comments section below.

We have shared Halloween design resources and we also share wallpapers according to the season, but we’ve never shared Halloween wallpapers before, here you go.

UPDATE: Check out our latest collection of Halloween Wallpapers 2016.

Fun Fact: The movie Halloween (1978) had a very low budget, so they had to use the cheapest mask there could be. Micheal Meyers (actor) used William Shatner’s Star Trek mask. Shatner did not know what history the mask had, but when he did years later, he said he felt honored.

Halloween Wallpapers

A Cheshire Kitten

Cats are probably the cutest possible pets. But who knew a cat wallpaper could be so creepy!

latest fresh halloween graphics and wallpapers


Ghosts are supposed to be real scare but ever since I became a Harry Potter fan, I really look forward to meeting a few ghosts.

halloween wallpapers of 2012

Where Halloween Pumpkins Are Born

Halloween pumpkin wallpapers are usually scary, but this one is really cute.

latest HD halloween wallpapers

Toc Toc

How scary it would be if a hand just popped out of the door and unlocked it? Sends a shiver down your spine, doesn’t it?

download halloween wallpapers 2012

PacMan Halloween

For all my classical gamer friends, here’s something with a blast from the past.

pacman halloween wallpapers download

Halloween House

Now this is a house that has “mad witch” written all over it. I mean who would live at such a dark, creepy, lonely place.

download halloween wallpapers high resolution

Spooky House Bats Pumpkin

The haunted house beside the graveyard finds light on every Halloween.

spooky halloween pumpkin wallpapers

Spooky House Night Hallowmas Halloween

All windows light up now.

amazing halloween wallpapers download pack

This Is Halloween

Let’s see some fun wallpapers then. This a typography based wallpaper themed for Halloween.

HD creative fresh halloween wallpapers

Spooky Halloween Background

This is not just a wallpaper but a really cool background for a flyer or poster as well.

amazing halloween high resolution wallpapers

Orange Pumpkins Halloween Autumn

Before use.

amazing halloween orange pumpkin wallpapers

Halloween Pumpkins Wallpaper

Getting ready for the big night.

2012 Latest HD halloween wallpapers of any size download

Halloween Pumpkins Pattern

Ready for action.

halloween wallpapers of 2012

Festive Scarecrow Halloween

Paint on pumpkin decorations for Halloween.

horror wallpapers of halloween

Wallpaper Halloween Pumpkin

The king of the ring.

amazing halloween wallpapers pumpkin

Danbo Halloween

Danbo, the least scary creature possible to be created.

classic halloween wallpapers

Halloween Sheeps Trick Or Threat

They dressed really well, didn’t they?

halloween sheep high resolution wallpapers for download

Halloween Tickets

Tickets to a Halloween party poster maybe?

latest and fresh halloween wallpapers

Pumpkin Avenue Halloween

I added these kind of wallpapers because they are not necessarily scary, but rather positively cute.

amazing halloween wallpapers

Happy Halloween Wallpaper


happy halloween wallpapers

Think Halloween

Because you have to dress up according to the occasion. This is the last Halloween wallpaper in this list. I’m ending with a Mac specialist.

creative happy halloween wallpapers

That’s it guys. Stay safe, wish you a lovely Halloween. Until tomorrow, see you.

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