Free tools and libraries make a web designer’s life easier. So today we are sharing exactly that.

This is a collection fresh from the oven online libraries and tools that come handy in everyday web design tasks. I decided to make this collection because web designers these days, need to stay updated with the latest trends and tricks of the industry.

Times are changing on the web-design-scape. New browsers, such as Vivaldi and Spartan are coming out, new challenges in the shape of smartwatches are emerging since we have no idea how to design for them. It is clear that the world of web design is more dynamic than any other, and we have to keep up with it. No problem, Designzzz will keep you up do date.

Recently Released Free Online Tools and Libraries

Material Palette

Google invented a new design language called material design. This is the first color palette that lets you make color schemes according to Google Material Design language..


CSS Reference Sheet from Codrops

This is a  is the ultimate reference sheet of CSS3 that I have ever seen. Codrops released it only a few days ago.
If you are a beginning or intermediate level web designer, you MUST favorite this resource.



Basically, Squire is a rich text editor made using HTML5, but it also provides powerful cross-browser normalization functionality. It is extremely lightweight but quite powerful. It supports 10, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, Chrome 9 and IE8 the above versions.


Grunticon 2

Grunticon 2 was released earlier this week. It allows you to create animated SVG files.

Animated SVG


This is a proof-of-concept design for the HTML UI based desktop browser. The experimental Desktop browser, based on Firefox Desktop version and Firefox OS.


And here’s a video of this project.


A JS based new photo gallery that supports gestures on smartphones and tablets.



I have to say, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen built using JS. The problem is, I don’t know how much am I gonna use it, but it certainly is very very intriguing.

This is a text-based mind-mapping tool. The screenshot contains the rest of the details.

Big Picture


This is an app. It searches the internet’s top one million websites and finds stats on JavaScript library usage.


CSS Stats

This is a pretty cool website for analyzing web designs. It checks complete CSS of a website and tells everything about it. I checked my own homepage.


icono – pure CSS iconset

This is an iconset made in pure CSS.


CSS Animated Gradient Generator

Wanna make animated gradient backgrounds using only CSS? Here’s the tool.

Gradient Animator

This is a simple, yet intuitive online markdown editor.

Social Likes

This is a pretty cute looking library of popular social media icons.

Social Likes


Bootsy provides a well-organized folder structure for every aspect of a project.


What Colour Is It?

A website that converts the exact time into color code, and sets that color to the background of the web page.


Meet the Ipsums

Ever needed a lorem ipsum generator? Ever found a really cool lorem ipsum generator? Me neither.
But I’ve finally found a really cool text generator.

Meet The Ipsums


Ever seen a portmanteau of acronyms? This name contains one.
This is basically just another text editor.



This is an HTML5 based presentation tool.


GitHub Cheat Sheet

This is the cheat sheet you can use enhance your GitHub experience.

GitHub Cheet Sheet


The screenshot tells everything.


That’s it for tonight guys. But stay tuned, we will be sharing more CSS libraries and JavaScript libraries in the upcoming days.

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