Just a year ago, we were drooling over LG’s 4K UHD curved television but today, that seems like an archaic choice. Why? Because LG’s new range of OLED TVs is making all other display devices seem dull… especially to us designers.
They can humble any other monitor screen, not because of their Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution nor for their majestic curved designs, but for their latest technology called Perfect Black.

Perfect Black is a technology that displays almost as brilliantly as if you are seeing it live. Their quality to display natural colors is unmatched right now and they sure seem to be the latest and coolest display devices out there.

Of course, with these perks come price tags… it’s definitely one of the expensive choices as the 65″ EG9600 costs 5000/- USD, even the cost effective versions such as 55″ EC9300 goes up to 1800/- USD. The prices are same whether you buy a flat screen or curved.

So, even though they are a bit costly, they are worth it… especially to us designers. Why? I can tell you, but Kathy Klein has already described it pretty well:

The Perfect Black Experience

They say proper white balance is essential in photography, which means that if the natural white color is coming as pure milky white in the camera, then the lighting is at optimum level… but no one ever really got interested how to display that photo in the best manner possible.

Display is all about light is as well, but it’s not about throwing as much light as you can on the screen, it’s about the amount of difference between black and white.

LCD TV vs. Perfect Black OLED TV

Whenever I buy a display device, I put solid black color on desktop background and check how it is being displayed. Then I check how bright the images are displayed there. I always make my decision based on the difference between the brightest and darkest, i.e. the contrast ratio because that’s what makes a display great. These LG OLED TVs seem to have the best contrast ratio thanks to their perfect black technology.

Now if you think it doesn’t make much of a difference if black color gets a little darker… you couldn’t be more wrong!

You must be a Star Wars and Firefly fan (I loved that show). What if I tell you that you have never watched them in the way they were supposed to be viewed. Why? Because the outer-space showed there is not as dark as the real outer space, it’s not even close.

Imagine watching Star Wars in this display.
Imagine watching Star Wars in this display.

Watch Star Wars original trilogy on this device with the outer space as black as the black hole, with the stars as sparkling pearls in the deep oceans… watch Star Wars just once on this TV and you get your money’s worth. At least that’s what I feel like. Perhaps it’s the fan in me talking but the display is seriously cool.

Perfect Black for Designers

The amazing shine of Perfect Black is not only for fun (even though that should be the major reason for buying this TV) but it’s great for our work as well.

What often happens is that one color looks good on the screen but when it gets printed, it loses the touch. On the other hand, we often do not select the color that we should because it’s doesn’t look good on the screen. This problem most often takes place when we are making designs that include photos.

So what do we need? We need a display device that can display colors as good as natural colors.


So, let me conclude this post. I consider these TVs a great buy, not only because they entertain us better but because they improve our quality of work. We spend tens of thousands of dollars to entertainment stuff which mostly doesn’t improve our work at all. I suggest we should spend more on the things that don’t only entertain us but also help us grow and this is exactly that kind of device.

This product review is sponsored by LG via Syndicate Ads.

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