Today I got a unique kind of photography inspiration and tutorial for you. Here you’ll learn Light Painting technique of photography.

This is kind of a special in photography, such as Long Exposure. This effect is not really a commercial one but it creates seriously cool pictures.

This is one of those type of things which can’t be described and has to be shown instead. So I wanted a video tutorial which does not only show the technique but also its usability.

Thankfully I found one on Youtube, you can watch it below.


Light Graffiti – Goku

Goku Manga Art

Painted Light Portrait


Lonely Sparkles

Light Paint Technique

Fire Island

Technique and Tutorial

Star of Light

Photography Technique

Christmas Tree (Tutorial)

light painting picture

Wizard of Light Painting

Photography Tutorial

Electric Guitar


Working Late… on a Sunday night

photography for designing

Lightpainting Strich

techniques in photos

Deadly Angel (How to Capture)

light paint photo

Light show

light paint photo

Light Play

Light paint picture

Heart of Light

Light painted

Sad Lights

photography special effect

Spitting Fire

Fire Wheel

Majestic Special Effect Photography


tutorial for making photo style

Light is Paint

Light Painting Photography Tutorial

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