Image quality is of utmost importance in our highly visual online culture. This presents a challenge to both web designers, and other online professionals, who constantly work with image and photo content. Image and photo editing is typically not one of their strengths.

Online images of exceptional quality have generally undergone a certain amount of editing; to persuasively tell the story a website owner wants told.

With Luminar, you can turn a washed-out photo into a shining star.
  • Freelancer’s and agencies’ portfolios demand high-quality, attention-getting images to attract and engage prospective clients.
  • Web designers who can provide engaging photo content are always in demand by companies planning social media
  • E-commerce and Presentation websites require images designed to help a user relate to the brand, or nudge a user toward purchasing a product.

Finding a good Mac photo editor can be time-consuming, and sometimes requires a trial and error approach. Add to that the time it can take to familiarize yourself with how to use the image editor efficiently. The good news: Rather than having to adapt your style to each photo editor you experiment with; give Luminar a try. Luminar adapts to your style. It is the first image editor to do so.

Users Love These Luminar Advanced Features

Mac users already use this image editor software. PC users will be joining their ranks in 2017. Apple has called Macphun, Luminar’s creators, the “Best of the Year” for the past 5 years. Luminar’s users have access to the most advanced imaging editing techniques on the market.

First-time users have no problem using this Mac image editor, and they can rapidly advance through the skill-level operating modes.

This Luminar vs Lightroom & Aperture comparative analysis with other top photo editors describes in detail Luminar’s many features and functions, as compared to the competition’s.

The Adaptive UI Takes Care of Differences in Skill Level

Other photo editors, even top-quality editors, force you to adapt to their UI. While this can usually be done, it can be time-consuming; and it should not be necessary. The Luminar photo editor for Mac UI adapts to your style, whether you are a relative newcomer to photo editing or a pro.

Luminar’s UI provides multiple skill-level modes to work with. Switching modes takes but 1 click; and you can do so anytime.

Luminar’s UI Interface: Straightforward and Intuitive

Basic and frequently used functions are displayed on the UI toolbars and the sidebar; the less frequently used, and more advanced features, are readily accessible when you need them.


This feature is unique to this photo editor, and it is a time-saver. A workspace is a collection of tools that is most appropriate for a given type of photograph. Default workspaces are provided for landscape, portrait, street, and B&W photos.

The Workspaces feature also allows you to create your own workspace. You can, if you wish, set it as the default workspace. You can also import and export workspaces.

Blend Mode for Filters

The blend mode provides a wide range of options for editing and fine-tuning images, or adding special effects. None of the blend mode functions are complicated. It’s merely a matter of trying each one to better understand how it can be used.

Common uses would be for tinting, lightening, or darkening an image, or a portion thereof.

Bi-Colored Toning Filter

The Bi-colored toning feature involves applying one of three filter colors (Red, Green, or Blue) at the top of an image; and another filter color at the bottom. You can use this feature with any image, but it is especially useful for fine-tuning landscape photos. This filter is quite easy to use, it is highly adjustable, and you always have total control over the editing process.

Channel Mixer

The three channels (Red, Green, and Blue) can be adjusted to improve or fine-tune an image. A common use of the Channel Mixer would be to remove distant haze in a landscape photo. Another would be to brighten or highlight an area by emphasizing one or more of the three colors. Like the other Luminar Mac image editing functions, you have full control over the editing process.

Other features and functions (there are 300+ of them) in this photo editor Mac users have come to appreciate include a non-destructive editing capability, a collection of 18 different-sized editing brushes, plus Advanced Contrast, Adjustment Gradient, Color Balance, and Clarity filters.
The non-destructive editing capability is particularly noteworthy, it can come in handy at times, even though you have complete control over your editing processes.

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What Others are Saying About Luminar

“Luminar is a welcome addition to my digital toolbox. Even a software guru like me found that my control-freak expectations were met or exceeded. Highly recommended for all photographers who have a Mac, and are looking for more options to change the look of their photos or fix tough problems with precise manual control.” – Richard Harrington, Photofocus publisher.
“Luminar is a fantastic RAW editor packed full of innovative features: the layer-based editing is extremely powerful and flexible; the workspaces can be customized to perfectly reflect my editing workflow; and, a plethora of filters enable ultimate creative control.” – Will Burrand Lucas, an award-winning wildlife photographer.
“Finally, a creative editing software with an intuitive layout that is simple to use, and helps me create unique looking images. Luminar is a great addition to my workflow – I can drop in images and be confident I can quickly turnaround a cool image ready for sharing.” – Matt Granger, world class photographer and educator.

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