Mac is the ‘cool kid’ Windows is the ‘nerd’. When it comes to business point-of-view, nerds make more money so sometimes, people have to switch from Mac to Windows. If you are facing such a situation and you are thinking of saying goodbye to Mac and welcome PC into your life, then there is something you need to know.

Even though mac is really cool, Windows can also be cool! If you just install ObjectDock (3rd in the list) that does half of the job.
The biggest problem people face when they switch from Mac to PC is the absence of their favorite software. But not to worry, there are many free software that can make your life easy on Windows. In fact, these software are so great that together, they can beat any software suite, including iLife.

These the essential software you need to install when you switch from Mac to Windows.

Mac to Windows: Essential Software

VLC Player

Alternative to Mac’s DVD Player.

Mac OS X contains the DVD player in itself, but almost all the Mac users know that this one is extra sensitive in caring about the copyright issues. Even sometimes, it may cause a hair pulling frustrating, in a way it restricts us, even though, realizing that we are living our life abiding the law!!

VLC player is the best video player.

Here the VLC player is being mentioned which would be undoubtedly a much better selection, compared to the default DVD player. This VLC player is so much popular that even many Mac users like to use this player above the rest.
The best aspect about this player is about its price. Actually it is absolutely free (and no doubt the others mean it). No adware or spyware, it contains as well. It also never asks to install any kind of toolbar etc. etc., and so never shows any ads. On the other hand its working is amazing. You can say that it’s too good to be a free player.


Alternative to Mac’s iPhoto.

Picasa is a gift from the mighty Google. It’s totally free and according to an expert opinion, the best free photo organizer provided out there. It doesn’t just tag & organize the photos, but it also performs the entire basic functions such as crop & straighten with red eye removal and color fixes. It also contains a huge library of filters.

Picasa is the photo organizer by Google.

On the other hand Mac’s iPhoto is though a good one but if you initiate to use Picasa, it is a must that you’ll become an addict of it. It has so many powerful features, such as geotagging and the online photo album storage, absolutely for free.


Alternative to Mac’s Dock.

Dock consists of the status of being an identity of Mac OS X for years. It is in fact, considered as the signature design that differentiate and distinguishes Mac computers from the rest. While PC never became even close to design a dock, because perhaps it got resulted in the negative feedback, probably even a lawsuit.

ObjectDock creates a dock just like Mac

But no problem for us, ObejctDock gives us a dock, similar to the Mac’s one. This tool is absolutely free and surprisingly doesn’t harm or even slower down the personal computer while its counterparts do it usually.


Alternative to Mac’s iChat.

iChat is surely a good software, but Trillian is the father of all the messengers. Trillian is the all-in-one messenger that really supports all major social networks. Yes, ALL of them, wow.

Trillian is an all in one messenger.

To use it, all you need is a Trillian account only, and then you’ll be able to connect your entire social accounts within it. There’s another reliable messenger available in the name of Digsby that caters the same need. I’ve used both of them, but liked Trillian a little more because of its intuitive design and its collection of themes. Thinking performance wise, both, Digsby and Trillian are equal.


Alternative to Mac’s Spaces.

Web designers often use a virtual desktop software because they need one desktop for their designing applications, charts, cheat sheets and the other for same stuff related to web development. Of course, there could be more scenarios than this one for using virtual desktops.

Dextop creates virtual desktops for PC

In Mac, we have Mac Spaces but when we convert from Mac to Windows, we need a separate virtual desktop software. Dexpot is perfect for this purpose.


Alternative to Mac’s Terminal.

Mac has a built-in program called Terminal, it let’s you connect to SSH, SFTP, SCP and IPv6 based servers.
Of course, when you switch from Mac to Windows, you don’t get Terminal. But fear not, because the best SSH client of the world likes PC and it is available for free. This client is called PuTTY.


Putty is not only free but we trust it so much that even we use this application for connecting to Designzzz servers. That’s the biggest evidence of its reliability.


Alternative to Mac’s Dev Tools.

Mac OS X comes power packed with many programming languages installed, languages such as Ruby, Python, SQLIte for databases and it also contains some other resources for coders.

XAMPP is the set of developer tools for programmers

Once again, Windows PC don’t come with any built-in module for programmers. So what to do when you switch from Mac to Windows? You just install XAMPP. That’s all you need. XAMPP is made by the Apache itself. You canalso use WAMP but you should prefer XAMPP.

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