It’s no secret that print media’s ship is sinking. The sales of print media are dropping continuously. Yet…. yet it would take a lot of time for them to go down for good. So until they are here, we designers need to be perfect in designing magazine print ads.

Most of these magazine print ads are double-paged ones. That means that the designers have taken full advantage of magazine’s layout and binding properties. This is the reason we sharing this post. Otherwise, we already have shared some superb print ads.

Some of these magazine print ads require special kind of printing presses and willingness of the magazine. Those ads include pop-up ads such as bubble gum ad.

You are free to do anything with the design though. No special printing press is required for printing a design.

Print Ads

Recreational Boating

The four ads interact with the pages of the magazine for the attention of readers to be captured and drive traffic to their site.

fishing advertismenst

Fishing Foundation

Another  adv. designed for a particular place in the journal for that non-traditional print campaign.

fisher man advertisements

Creative advertisements

Another perfect magazine ad example for inspiration in the same campaign.

fresh magazine advertismemts

Tetra Pak

That’s a lovely magazine advertisement design, capable of capturing the attention of the reader, especially the light shadow makes it quite realistic.

magazine ads collection

Editora Europa Viaje Mais Magazine

A design shaped on Eiffel tower, very attractive.

travelling advertisements

Folding Chair magazine ads

A different kind of ad miniatures that folds out of the center-fold of magazine and folds back in when the magazine is closed.

furniture advertisements

Nha Xinh Furniture

The same concept from the same company. Now it’s a shelf folding out.

ladder advertisements

Folding Table

Same company, same ad concept, just the product is different.

pop up advertisements in magazines

Donate eyes, magazine cut-out

Another cutout style ad for an NGO.

donation advertisements


A very effective idea of unveiling the deforestation continues with the turn of page, where 2D pattern is used. I love such concept based advertisements.

save tree advertisements


The slogan for this magazine ad is quite impressive; minimal environmental impact.

nature with technology magazine ad

Flat shirt

Flat die-cut shirt is printed on paper giving the impression that this shirt had been flattened by the magazine pages.

Kiwi Kleen

Band-Aid Flexi

To get readers’ attention for the stretch of a Band-Aid Flexi, this magazine ad was printed in the gutter-space of a center-spread. This design is not suitable for the journals bound with a center pin.

creative magazine advertisements

Dry leaf

when you open this double-spread magazine ad, you find an actual plat. The objective was to show that these sanitary napkins have a superior absorbency.

natural way of publicity

Neo Labels

This magazine ad concept is so effective as it can be used for several different products.

conceptual advertisements in magazine

Deepest Condolences

In fact nothing can express emotion quite like a greeting card, especially when it is placed as a center-port in a magazine.

greeting in magazine advertisments

Like Magazine

Very nice 3D creation, very effective.

magazine advertisements


A unique Idea of designing that magazine ad and its adjustment in that periodical.

advertisments in magazines

The Airbag Ad

This is a fairly simple advertisement but since it uses magazine pages beautifully, therefore it is featured here.

safety advertisements

Reporters without Borders

This controversial ad has an eye-opener message with it where it is written “Because there are mouths who never speak the truth… so this is for press freedom. Creating controversy is an easy way to make memorable advertisement.

political advertisments in magazine

The Solar-Powered Ad

It is a paper printed from both sides. You can see the full message of the advertisement when you place it against the sun.

solar advertisements in magazines

The Bubble-Gum Ad

The pop-up bubble really makes you go wow when you open the page.

buuble gum ads

The Test-Drive

Test drive is their innovations… projected in the ad.

car testing app


Leave the unwanted on the other page.

how to wax your legs

WMF Knives

Cut through everything… Everything!

how to cut chicken

knives advertisements

DHL International Courier Service

Probably the best magazine ad that I’m seeing here. From one place to the other and back to first. It is a four-page advertisement. The center one is transparent.

courier advertisments

dhl magazine advertisments

Ikea: Sliding Doors

Ikea brings their creative furniture design onto your magazine.

cupboard magazine ads

 I’d Do Anything For Money

Their slogan is: “I’d do anything for money”. This ad is about a TV game show where the pain equals cash.

creative advertisements


A straight forward app with a beautiful copyline “Let every lash enjoy the beauty of definition!”… Great!!

make up ads


Washes through everything.

stains are cool in magazine

Enjoy The Sun

Nice concept that brings the softness of summer on a magazine paper right in front of you.

sun bath advertisements

Conto Barriers

Lovely idea making the reader realize the necessity of that product.

3 page advertisements in magazines

Macbook Pro

Pretty way to magnify the qualities of the product is the central idea of the adv. should based on the literal meaning of the product name as in this one, it is based on the word “book”

technology advertisments in magazines

Bic Soleil Clic

An ad for a safety razor which follows your shapes.

sonceptual advertisements

Extra Large Coffee

Great way to show the largeness of McDonald’s coffeepot.

simple way of publicity


In this slogan that without Sunsilk Conditioner, your only doing half the job… it becomes so simple and so straight.

shampoo advertisement in magazine

Miradent Dental Floss

Another example of the same soul of concept in a magazine advertisement… simple and straight.

dental advertisements in magazines


The project shows about how a donation for building the homes for typhoon victims helps the advertiser too,… an idea you may call ambiguous.

pop up home in magazine

TV 6

A little funny but very effect idea of an ad for a magazine or any printed paper.

how to wax face

Samsung Slim TV

The TV is very slim. The magazine ad gives you a side view of the TV.

samsung advertisments

Shikun & Binui Solaria

See how you can benefit from the page facing the sun light.

creative magazine advertisements

King Of The Hills

It’s going up the sand dune.

automotive advertisments

Hawaiian Tropic

Get tanned.


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